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Safe2Say Something System Communication

As a school district dedicated to the success of all of our students, we want to share important information.

Our School District is committed to ensuring a learning environment free of discrimination in any form and addressing any reports of discriminatory behavior that are brought to our attention. We ask that our students and parents report any experiences through the statewide Safe2Say Something system. Any information shared will be addressed immediately.

As of today, we have received two reports through the Safe2Say Something system that we are investigating. We do not tolerate or condone racism or discrimination of any form and all information brought to our attention will be fully addressed in accordance with our nondiscrimination 103 policy.

Our community is our partner in creating an inclusive and welcoming environment. We are committed to listening to those who have experienced racist behaviors not representative of our school values so that we may work together to address important conversations and issues that contribute to student and community success.

We ask that our community use the Safe2Say Something system ( or contact us at with any information, concerns or requests. In addition, we have reached out to members of our community to assist in fostering conversations to improve understanding and necessary next steps.