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Learning Support Position Available For The 2020-2021 School Year

Learning Support Teacher Apply Online
Category: Middle School Teaching/Learning Support
Date Posted: 5/7/2020
Location: Upper Adams Middle School
Date Closing: 07/17/2020

Policy Statement:
            The Special Education Teacher is directly responsible to the Director of Student Services, and/or the principal of his/her respective school.  With approval, the teacher is responsible for all aspects involved in the operation of the classroom, including the instruction, discipline, care of pupils in his/her charge as well as clerical duties related to student activities.
Primary Function:
            To contribute to and execute a course of study reflecting appropriate content and subject matter in order to maximize the learning of basic and special skills, concepts, habits, and attitudes of students that will contribute to their total well-being.
Duties & Responsibilities:
  1. Receive information from LEA, psychologist, and MDE reports on each student considered a potential candidate for services.
  2. Participate in an IEP conference with an LEA representative, parent and other appropriate personnel, with an IEP draft, at which time an IEP shall be finalized.
  3. Implement each approved IEP for children assigned to the teacher's program.
  4. Prepare written lesson plans reflecting goals and objectives of the IEP's in advance.  Lesson plans must be available to the supervisor or principal or submitted weekly upon request.
  5. Have lesson plans and other essential materials and information available for substitute teachers during absences.
  6. Maintain an environment conducive to the students' social and emotional growth as well as academic achievement.
  7. Plan, schedule, and lead IEP/Reevaluation team meeting for each student assigned to the teacher's jurisdiction prior to the annual due date.
  8. Assume responsibility for maintaining effective control and authority over all students within the school environment as well as discipline for those in his/her immediate jurisdiction, and intercede at any time when necessary to enforce and maintain reasonable standards of student conduct, with chronic, serious, or unusual problems reported through established channels.
  9. Develop and maintain effective working relationships with other teachers, subject coordinators, guidance counselors, principals, and administrative personnel in the discharge of their professional obligations.
  10. Assume an active role in promoting and maintaining sound relationships with parents of his/her students in order to strengthen and promote the effectiveness of the educational process.
  11. Continue professional growth and development through attendance at faculty meetings; participation in in-service education programs; enrollment in approved appropriate graduate courses at colleges and universities; and participation in curriculum and program development at the department, building or district level.
  12. Attend and participate in approved educational meetings and conferences which are directly related to assigned responsibilities in the school.
  13. Assist in sponsoring and supervising certain school activities.
  14. Direct the activities of the teacher's instructional assistant(s) when appropriate.
  15. Observe high ethical and professional standards befitting the teaching profession, and conduct him/herself accordingly in the discharge of his/her professional responsibilities.
  16. Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of Student Services or Principal.
Clerical Responsibilities
  1. Keep accurate record of student attendance.
  2. Keep record of academic and social progress, to be presented to parents and placed in student file quarterly in accordance with district regulations.
  3. Responsible for all books and supplies and other budgeted items provided for classroom use.
Supervision Received and Exercised:
The Special Education Teacher shall be a professional employee.  He/she
is responsible directly to the Director of Student Services/Building Principal.
The Special Education Teacher shall establish lines of communication and cooperation with the following: 
  1. Central Office
  2. Building principal
  3. Colleagues
  4. Support Staff
  5. Parents/Community
  6. Students 
Revised and Board Approved:     7/11/17