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2022 Summer Soar Ready Rosie Program (K-3 & K-6 English Learners)

Summer Soar 2020


Adults and caregivers play a central role in developing language and social emotional health in young children.  Families can now register for Summer Soar through the Ready Rosie Program.  

Research shows that children can lose up to 20% or more of what they have learned in the previous grade level over the summer months. However, by playing these Ready Rosie games together, your child can experience the opposite – a time of learning, growing, and bonding!

The Upper Adams School District & Ready Rosie have partnered together for a Summer Learning Experience that is meant to empower our families and elevate their role in school readiness by providing resources that are accessible, nurturing, and encourage bonding during Summer, 2022.  The program is available to all students at Biglerville Elementary School and any English Learner (K-6).


To register for the Ready Rosie Summer Soar Program, please contact your child's teacher to receive an invitation to connect with the resources the Ready Rosie Program has to offer our families.


Ready Rosie Video

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Ready Rosie Summer Flyer (English)                      Ready Rosie Summer Flyer (Spanish)


Ready Rosie Summer Family Packet (English)                      Ready Rosie Summer Family Packet (Spanish)



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