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Internet Accessibility

The Upper Adams School District will be moving forward with remote learning opportunities for students.  Many of these options may include the ability to access the Internet for full engagement of some content.  The Upper Adams School District is mindful that some families lack the ability to connect to the Internet from your locations.  To that effect, we have extended our Internet Access to our parking lot in front of the high school, in the rear of the high school building near the baseball and field hockey fields, and the parking area near Musselman Stadium, so families could get online as needed from their vehicles in those areas.  All public libraries in Pennsylvania are providing outside wifi access and Comcast has opened up their public wifi hotspots through their Xfinity public connections.  In addition, many cellular carriers have now granted free wireless access to the Internet at no charge from their cell phone until the COVID-19 event has concluded, two such carriers are T-mobile and Sprint.  However, please check with your cellular carrier to confirm if your provider is participating.

If our families find they still have barriers to accessing the Internet, please contact us at (717) 677-7191, extension 2416, and leave a message about your concerns.  Your principal will then return your call and help you find options to connect to the Internet.  If you have multiple children in the school district, please indicate so during your message, so we can coordinate with all of your child's principals.  Thank you for your continued support and cooperation during this challenging time for our families and community.  Your ongoing flexibility is appreciated.