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Canner Book Fair

Mr. Sterner Biglerville High School welcomes the 2014 book fair to its halls. During the week of September 22-26, students can stop in to the high school’s learning commons to browse and buy the hottest young adult book titles, toys, and posters.

“The book fair is amazing because there is something for everyone,” said librarian Nicole Starner. “We have some books for little kids for teachers to buy for their own kids, we have books for both middle schoolers and high schoolers, and we also have pretty cool bookmarks, pens, and erasers.  There's so much stuff to look at!”

The money brought in by the book fair earns scholastic dollars for the learning commons. The scholastic dollars are then used to purchase more books for the library.

Along with being open for school hours, the book fair will be available for students and parents during the high school’s open house event on Wednesday night. The learning commons will open its doors from 7:00 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. that night and cookies will be available for parents.