Upper Adams School District Anti-Racism Plan

  • Our role is essential to supporting thriving future generations and we take that responsibility with great seriousness by fostering learning environments free of racism, discrimination and bullying.

    Every student is at the heart of our mission every day and we are dedicated to leading by example to address issues and behaviors of bias head-on and in a manner that is responsive and sustainable. Through unwavering commitment and consistent attention, we will be an anti-racist school district focused on equity, diversity and caring.

    As we embark on our plan of action to be anti-racist, we also continue in our dedication to providing a comprehensive educational experience preparing our students for post-graduation schooling and career opportunities. Our district vision is clear and concise: “All students college and career ready.” Today, the lens of our vision has expanded to how we affect fostering a community and world that supports our students’ success as we teach, mentor and lead through exemplary behavior that inspires equitable change.

    Our Anti-Racism Plan is the start of our efforts and will be ever-present in our district’s actions. As we implement our plan and integrate an anti-racism lens to our work, we look forward to sharing our progress and impact ongoing.

    Our plan will be updated ongoing, with our first phase shared at the link below providing our immediate efforts, which will be updated upon completion of an independent review of our district policies and efforts. In collaboration with racism experts, including the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, Lincoln Intermediate Unit and the NAACP State Conference, we are developing a continuous plan of action.

Our Plan of Action

Every Voice Matters

  • Your voice is important. The district strives to maintain a safe, positive learning environment for all students that is free of discrimination. Discrimination is inconsistent with the educational and programmatic goals of the district and is prohibited on school grounds, at school-sponsored activities and on any conveyance providing transportation to or from a school entity or school-sponsored activity.

    If you have experienced or been witness to behaviors not reflective of our districts’ values of respect and inclusivity, the following resources are available to submit a formal report.


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