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Vision, Mission, Core Values

    Upper Adams Middle School's Vision 

Our vision at Upper Adams Middle School is for all students to reach their maximum educational potential enabling them to compete as productive, responsible citizens in a global economy.   We will provide all students with a variety of relevant learning experiences in order to explore their abilities as a pathway to future educational and career opportunities.  We will provide all students regardless of familial circumstances with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in the 21st Century.

        Upper Adams Middle School’s Mission

Our mission at Upper Adams Middle School is to prepare all students for success in high school by their growth toward mastery of all academic subjects.  All students will be engaged in purposeful learning as the result of teachers employing best educational practices and teaching grade-level curriculum.  All students will be able to read and interpret a variety of texts proficiently as well as communicate effectively in writing.

The realization of our mission creates a supportive environment where students build self-confidence and resiliency while developing the whole child into a responsible young adult.

         Upper Adams Middle School’s Values

Within a safe school environment, the values of Upper Adams Middle School include the following:

·      Respect

Each student’s self esteem will be enhanced by positive relationships and mutual respect among and between students and staff.

·      Responsibility

Each student will accept responsibility for learning as evidenced by his/her effort, behavior, and academic integrity.

·      Excellence

Each student will be motivated to pursue excellence through encouragement and positive reinforcement from parents, fellow students, and staff.