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Vo Ag Articulation Agreements


Originally, Agriculture Education was designed for students who intended to enter the field of agricultural production (farming) upon graduation from high school. The agriculture industry and the agriculture education programs have changed. With less than one percent of the USA population actually involved in farming, many of our students are training for careers in non-farm agricultural industry positions.  With the growing non-farm population, there is a need to educate students (consumers) in the processing and production of food and fiber.  

An important aspect of our program is the development of the specific basic vocational technical skills in the areas of mechanics, construction, engines, electricity, plants, and animals. In addition to these important skills, students will also learn and understand the importance of career acquisition skills such as interviewing techniques, safety practices, computer skills, work habits, time management, teamwork, and the understanding of career acquisition documents.

FFA is an integral part of the vocational agriculture program. FFA reinforces leadership, citizenship, and skills taught in the shop and classroom.

Agricultural Production and Operations

An instructional program that prepares individuals to apply scientific knowledge and methods in the planning related to and the economical use of facilities, land, water, machinery, chemicals, finance and labor in the production of plant and animal products. Activities include classroom instruction, agricultural mechanics instruction and laboratory experiences in and out of school including farms, agribusiness and other agriculturally related establishments.

*Students who complete this program may earn college credits through Delaware Valley University. 

Agricultural Mechanization 

An instructional program that prepares individuals in a general way to sell, select and service agriculture or agribusiness technical equipment and facilities including computers, specialized software, power units, machinery, equipment, structures and utilities. This program includes instruction in agriculture power units, the planning and selection of materials for the construction of agriculture facilities, safe mechanical practices associated with water conservation, erosion control and data processing systems.

*Students who complete this program may earn college credits through SUNY Cobleskill, NY.

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