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NCAA Eligibility Information

Division I

Minimum Requirements:

      1) Fulfill Core Courses
      2) GPA of at least 2.3
      3) SAT/ACT *

SAT/ACT and GPA operate on a sliding scale. Having a higher GPA lowers the required SAT/ACT score 

Check out this page for more information on Eligibility for DI sports.  

Keep in mind that DI sports recruit on a very specific schedule. Go to the recruiting calendar on to find when your sport is in the recruiting season.  

In order to play a DI sport, you must register with the Eligibility Center

DI schools have the ability to offer full athletic scholarships, however, this is not guaranteed. If not given a full ride, you are still eligible to receive other merit and need based financial aid. 

Division II

Minimum Requirements:

      1) Fulfill all of the Core Courses
      2) GPA of at least 2.2
      3) SAT of 820 or higher*

*SAT/ACT operate on a sliding scale with GPA. A higher GPA lowers the required SAT/ACT score.

Click here to learn more about becoming eligible for DII sports.

DII sports also operate under different recruiting schedules for certain sports. Check out the Recruitment Calendar on to see when coaches will be recruiting for your sport.  

In order to play a DII sport, you must register with the Eligibility Center.  

In terms of scholarships, DII sports can only give partial athletic scholarships. There are no full rides to a school in DII. However, you are still eligible to receive other merit and need based financial aid from a school.

Division III

To participate in a DIII sport, you do NOT have to register through the NCAA eligibility center. 

While there is no GPA minimum set by the NCAA, this requirement will be set by each individual school to determine athletic eligibility. 

DIII sports are the lowest tier of athletic competition, but this does not mean that the teams are not good. However, a DIII school does not give out athletic scholarships to go to their school to play a specific sport. You are still eligible to receive merit and need-based financial aid from the school. 

Quick Links - information about becoming a student athlete - information about championships, sports schedules, scores, etc. 
NCAA eligibility center  
NCAA Recruiting Facts 

What are the differences between the divisions?

There are four primary differences between the three athletic divisions:

1) Level of Competition: Division I is the highest level of competition, Division III is the lowest of the three. However, DIII sports are still very competitive.

2) Athletic Scholarships: Athletic scholarships are available, however only in DI and DII. Division I sports have the ability to give a full ride scholarship, however Division II can only give partial scholarships. Division III has no athletic scholarships.

3) Recruiting Timelines: When and how coaches can contact you will vary from sport to sport, as well as between divisions. Check out the Recruitment Calendar to figure out when you can expect to hear from a coach or official.  

4) Eligibility Requirements: Both Divisions I and II have specific GPA and SAT/ACT score requirements. If you do not meet these minimum requirements, you will be ineligible to play a DI or DII sport. However, requirements for DIII are more school specific and depend on the college you apply to.  

​​​​​​Recruiting and Marketing Tips

There are several ways in which you can increase your visibility to college coaches and teams. Here are some tips on how to be recruited:

1) Market yourself - Be proactive and complete interest forms on college athletic pages. The sooner they know about you, the better chance you have of being recruited. Get in contact with the coach and set up a meeting or at least start a conversation with them.

2) Make a SHORT highlight reel - Do not send a video of an entire game, pick out highlights from the season.

3) Send in Stats - If your team has accurate and up-to-date statistics, send them your stats from the season.

4) Also send your academic info - This would include any academic awards or honors as well as your team schedule. If you play on any club teams, send those schedules along as well.

5) Have an appropriate email address - Do NOT use the email you made when you were a kid.

6) Visit the school and do an overnight visit - To do this, you must be registered on the Eligibility Center (for DI and DII) and you need to send in a transcript and SAT/ACT scores. This gives you a good chance to see the school itself and also get a feel for how the team functions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I register on the Eligibility Center?
You should register on the Eligibility Center during your junior year. You can register during your senior year, but it makes the process much easier to get a head start during your junior year. 

Do I need to send my test scores to the Eligibility Center? 
Yes, your test scores do need to be sent to the Eligibility Center. Your transcript must also be sent. All test scores and transcripts should be sent to the following address:
NCAA Eligibility Center
Certification Processing
P.O. Box 7136
Indianapolis, IN 46207-7136

Is it better to join a club/travel team or should I just play for BHS?
Many coaches will not go to high school games, but will attend club games. If you are serious about playing a sport in college, especially at a DI or DII school, it is recommended that you also join a club or travel team to increase your marketability. 

What is important to keep in mind when deciding what school I want to play my sport at?
It is important to make sure that the academic and social environments are also a match for you. Do not go to a school that has a good sports team but does not have the major you want to study. Keep your future goals in mind for what you plan to do after college and try to make your path line up. You need to also keep the time commitment in mind. If you plan on being involved in other extracurricular activities outside of sports, you need to be aware how being an athlete will impact your availability to join clubs or organizations you are interested in.