• Each year the district provides an Open Enrollment period (usually April or May) to allow employees to enroll in, or make changes to the their health, dental and vision insurance benefits.  The benefit year runs from July 1 of the current year through June 30 of the following year.  Employees are only able to change or add benefits during the Open Enrollment period, unless they experience a "life change status".  If you are unsure if your situation qualifies as a life change status, please contact Tina Fair, Human Resources Coordinator at 717-677-7191, ext. 2721 or by email at t.fair@upperadams.org within 30 days of the event.

    An Open Enrollment newsletter will be sent to all employees when the enrollment period begins (April or May).  The newsletter will include all information about the district benefits offered to its employees, important changes to benefits, benefit summaries, and forms that are required to make changes or add benefits.

    Click here to see the Open Enrollment 2021 Newsletter 

    Registering for an account for each insurance benefit gives members the ability to review benefit booklets and summaries, view claims history and pending claims, see provider lists, do a cost comparison, order prescription drugs, view discount programs, print insurance cards, and have access to health assistants for the medical benefit, and so much more!  Members will need the member ID which is located on the insurance card for each benefit when registering.  

    General questions about your benefits, and the plans available to you? - Contact Tina Fair, Human Resources Coordinator at 717-677-7191, ext. 2721 or by email at t.fair@upperadams.org

    Questions regarding specific covered medical procedures, providers accepting insurance, etc.? Contact the benefit provider by calling the customer service phone number listed below.

    Highmark Blue Shieldwww.highmarkblueshield.com

    Member Service: 1-866-727-4943

    Blues on Call: 1-888-258-3428

    Express Scripts

    Phone: 1-800-903-6228

    To acces your information, and your prescription coverage visit the Highmark Blue Shield website: www.highmarkblueshield.com

    American Fidelity (for members in a high deductible plan with an HSA)americanfidelity.com

    Contact AJ Gallagher at 1-877-518-2337 or by email at aj.gallagher@americanfidelity.com

    Delta Dentalwww.deltadentalins.com

    Customer Service 1-800-932-0783

    National Vision Administrators (NVA)www.e-nva.com

    Customer Service 1-800-672-7723