Week # 1 (April 1st-3rd)


    To Do: 

     Daily Tasks 

    1. Name Folder  

    •  Build your name with letters and trace you name each day.  For an additional challenge write your name on the back of your name sheet with a model or independently! 

    2. Pick one task from your task box/bag. 

    3. Read with an adult or sibling for 15 minutes.  

     Weekly Tasks 

    1. Watch the read aloud- Click the link below

    There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly Story # 1

    2. Complete the weekly activity

    • Hunt for the animals that we saw in the story!  (Fly, Spider, Bird, Cat, Dog, Cow, and Horse)  
    • Take a picture to send to Mrs. Weigle! 


    Visit the specials teachers' websites to find activities for Pysical Education (Colleen Gaston), Music (Patricia Fetrow), Art (Shawn Heiges), and Library (Laura Glassman).