• Assignments for Mrs. Longs's Class: Week of April 20-24

    This week your child will read folktales. Folktales are stories that help us understand how something in nature came to be. We’ll visualize to understand stories and analyze the theme or message (what the author is trying to teach us). We’ll learn about abbreviations (Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr.) and irregular plurals like come/came, hide/hid, run/ran, give/gave, sing/sang, sit/sat. We’ll learn about root words and how they help us figure out the meaning of words with endings. 

    Continue to practice cursive handwriting (see the lessons on our cursive page). Use Friday of this week as a “catch up” time. Go back and finish any work that isn’t complete, work on your Time Capsule, or spend the time reading if everything is finished. 

    I hope you have a wonderful week and enjoy a Happy Earth Day on April 22!

    All online work is found in Google Classroom- https://classroom.google.com/u/0/c/MjQyOTg5MTY5NjBa 

    The class code (zfh3z6k)

    We'll meet each day at 9:45 for a "ClassZoom" Meeting.


    Meeting ID: 997 6105 2775
    Password: 030834

    This chart shows what we'll be working on in Google Classroom. If you have the packet, it will look different from this but your child will still practice important second grade skills. If you would like to follow what we're doing in Google Classroom but aren't sure about using it, you can follow along using this chart. 






    Reading (ConnectED)

    “Why the Sun and Moon Live in the Sky"

    “How the Beetle Got Her Colors”

    Visualizing, Theme

    Reread “How the Beetle Got Her Colors” and your guided reading book.

    “How the Finch Got Its Colors”

    Comprehension (write your answer on a piece of paper)

    Why do Sun and Moon live in the sky?

    What do you think the author was trying to teach you in this story?

    How has Agouti changed by the end of the story?

    Visit StudyIsland and complete the “Lessons and Morals” assignmen

    Spelling (see list below)

    Choose a menu activity from this list and practice your words. 


    Menu activity


    Grammar & HFW

    Irregular verbs are verbs that change (run/ran, do/did). Play a grammar game on ConnectED.

    Play a game on ConnectED to practice your High Frequency Words.

    Play a grammar game on ConnectED.

    Play a game on ConnectED to practice your High Frequency Words.


    Work on your Time Capsule!

    Work on your Time Capsule!

    Work on your Time Capsule!

    Work on your Time Capsule!


    Flashcard practice or XtraMath

    Learn about Rounding

    Review Telling Time

    Flashcard practice or XtraMath


    Review Time to 5 Minutes

    Flashcard practice or XtraMath

    Review AM/PM

    What you do you do in the morning and afternoon?

    Flashcard practice or XtraMath



    Social Studies

    Earth Day is a day we think about how we can protect our earth. Think about a place you would like to protect. Why is it a special place?

    How do you reduce, reuse, or recycle at home?

    Visit PebbleGo and click Social Studies. Read to find out how people help the environment.

    Watch “How Old is the Earth?” and teach someone 2 things you learned in the video.

    Spelling: r controlled /ear/ sounds

    deer I saw a deer in the field.
    cheers Our cheers were happy when our team won.
    steer Jake can steer his bike along the path.
    here Here are the books you asked for.
    jeer It is rude to jeer at people.
    near We were near school when the bell rang.
    ear I can hear with one ear.
    dear My friend is very dear to me.
    clear I ask a question when something is not clear.
    spear spear has a pointed tip.
    store The chipmunk will store nuts for winter.
    north We drove north to the mountains.
    again Will you read the story again?
    house Let’s play at my house after school.
    inside We went inside when it started to rain.

    High Frequency Words (read these to an adult): 

    again, behind, eyes, gone, happened, house, inside, neither, stood, young

    Math: Review time, money, rounding, and equal groups!


    This is a helpful site if you would like to use virtual maniplulatives like money, clocks, hundred chart, fractions, and tons more! 

    Please visit Specialist Web Pages for activities related to:

    Music (Mrs. Fetrow)

    Phys Ed. (Mrs. Gaston)

    Library (Mrs. Glassman)

    Art (Mrs. Heiges)

    Reading and Math Intervention (Mrs. Howery)

    Learning Support (Mrs. Sayres)


    If you have any questions please feel free to reach out on Class Dojo.

    Class Dojo- https://teach.classdojo.com/#/classes/5e6ee3dfbfc2325e531d92db/points