It’s a new school year and I am writing to share with you some of our thoughts for your child/children as they return to school.  We will start this year by beginning “with the end in mind.”  Our “end goal” is to develop students who will one day look back at their teachers and parents and realize that the person they have become stems from the guidance and leadership provided to them during childhood.

     As parents and teachers together we play an important role in developing our children. With this in mind, it is our hope to make each step, a step of confidence and a tribute to being understood as a child. It is our desire to start this year by building a cooperative effort between students, teachers, and parents.  For this reason, we need to promote an atmosphere where all students take responsibility for their learning, growth and effort in order to succeed.

     Therefore, we will begin by helping your child learn and understand their responsibilities to make their best effort daily in class assignments and homework, as well as regular attendance in school.  In addition, we will be promoting your child’s efforts to learn, understand, and be responsible for school procedures, rules, and regulations. Finally, we will continue to work together to develop a climate within the school that is good for learning.  To help foster these principles we will be using Dr. Stephen Covey’s Habits of Happy Kids. 


    Dr. Stephen Covey’s Habits of Happy Kids

    1. Be Proactive                                     

    2. Begin with the End in Mind

    3. Put First Things First

    4. Think Win-Win

    5. Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood

    6. Synergize

    7. Sharpen the Saw

    8. Find Your Voice


     The Bulldog PRIDE Program (BPP) is designated to recognize and reward students who:

    ·       Demonstrate good behavior

    ·       Regularly attend school and class on time

    ·       Show consistent effort academically

    ·       Consistently complete their homework and assignments on time

    ·       Demonstrate responsibility

    Some of the incentives in our BPP are (but not limited to): Bulldogs to Bark About (letter of recognition), Bulldog Bucks ( 2nd semester reward: Bulldog Bucks to spend at the Spring Book Fair), Pride Outside (Extra Recess Reward), Top Dog (Special Principal Reward for Outstanding Leadership and Behavior) school activities/assemblies, Monthly Teacher Incentives and Rewards, and Bulldog Bones. The Bulldog Bones are tickets that may be distributed by any staff member to any students who:            

    ·       Are caught doing a good deed

    ·       Regularly display good manners

    ·       Promote a healthy and positive school atmosphere

    ·       Are caught displaying Bulldog PRIDE

    ·       Perform above and beyond the norm to demonstrate leadership by example.

    ***Bulldog Bucks are for Book Fair Purchases Only

    The Bulldog Pride program intends to foster the students' sense of responsibility for their learning, growth and effort in order to succeed.  We are counting on your support and involvement with our Bulldog PRIDE Program.


    Ann Wolfe, Principal