• Friday Reminders for 9/13/2019
    All Staff
    SafeSchools Trainings
    A list of all required trainings for Upper Adams SD is attached for the 2019-2020 school year.  Please review the list for trainings that you may be required to take in your position.  If you see that you are required to take a training, and you do not see it in your SafeSchools account, please contact me.  Keep in mind, that additional trainings may be added, as needed throughout the school year.  
    Health & Wellness
    Recipe Sharing
    How about a healthy dessert?  Check out the attached recipe for banana nut muffins from Delta Dental.
    Don't Forget About Those Eyes!
    When it comes to health and wellness, don't forget about taking care of your vision.  Diet, sunlight, eye strain, and many other factors can damage the health of your eyes.  Be sure to get regular checkups, and read the attached flyer:  6 Tips for Eye Health and Maintaining good eyesight. 
    Friday Reminders for 9/6/2019
    District Benefits Contact and WEbsite Information

    A list of the district benefits, with contact information and websites, is attached.  Keep this list where you can easily access it if needed.  

    I would encourage you to register for accounts with all of your benefits to assist you with understanding your benefits, and claims information.

    To access the PSERS (PA School Employee Retirement System) you must use the access information that was sent to you directly from PSERS by postal mail.  Please contact PSERS if you do not have this information.

    Health and Wellness 

    Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    We all struggle from time to time with problems resulting from life's demands and pressures. Some issues can be solved alone; others require help.  These problems can affect our emotional well-being, job performance, home life and health.  WellSpan EAP provides confidential, professional care to help individuals identify and resolve personal and workplace issues.  UASD pays the cost for up to three visits to the EAP for all employees and immediate members of their immediate family.  No information on who receives counseling through the EAP is shared with the District. If you are struggling through the holidays, think about contacting the EAP.  They are there to help. Visit their website at  http://www.wellspaneap.org/  See the attached flyer, EAP Take Five.

    Flu Shot

    Flu season is upon us (believe it or not)!  Employees with district health insurance, can get a flu shot once a year at no cost from an in-network provider, including clinics, doctors offices, and pharmacies.  See the attached flyer for more information on how to find a participating provider.

    Expiring Criminal Background Clearances
    Notices for updating expiring criminal background clearances will continue to be sent to employees within a period of time before the expiration date.  
    You can view the date your clearances will expire on the Staff portal.    The "Date all clearances expire" is the date to use for determining when all three of your clearances are due.
    For those of us who completed clearances in the year 2015, please keep in mind that there will be a large number of employees from all schools in Pennsylvania who will be renewing their clearances in 2020.  2015 was the year that all school employees were required to obtain new clearances and begin the 5 year cycle.  That being said, when you receive notice that your clearances will expire, be sure to start the process since it may take longer than usual to get the results due to the clearance centers being overwhelmed with applications. 
    Instructions for completing the background clearances can be found on the district website in the drop down list of the Staff tab.  Click on "forms" and "clearance information and directions".
    "Staff" Page on UASD Website Links to:
    View all district benefits information and quicklinks to benefits pages.   The password was given out to all district employees at open enrollment or when hired.  Please contact Sandy or me for the login and password to the page if needed.
    Required Notices
    Employees can view federal and state required notices that all employers must post for employees by clicking on "Required Notices" from the drop down list.  all notices are also posted at each building in a designated area where all staff have access.  Please check with your building administrative assistant for the location of the postings at your building.
    Additional Links
    The following links are also included on the "Staff" page (some may require a password):
    Absence and Substitute Request Management
    SafeSchools Training Portal
    Web Help Desk 
    Act 48
    Wellspan EAP
    Friday Reminders for 8/30/2019
    All UASD Employees
    Today is the first pay of the school year for school term employees.  Instructions are attached to access the Staff Portal to view your first pay stub for the school year.  You can access the portal by going to the district website and clicking Staff Portal from the drip down list on the Staff tab.
    Professional Employees
    Sick Leave Bank
    If you plan to enroll in the Sick Leave Bank, the proper form is required to be in the Business Office no later than September 9.
    Friday Reminders for 8/23/2019
    Welcome back to all of you and a special welcome to all of you who are new to our district.  This email will go out every Friday to remind staff of important information, regarding changes to employment processes, benefits information, wellness information, and other information regarding your employment with the District.
    Please take time to read the email when you receive it, so that you keep informed of important deadlines, or information that my be vital to your benefits or employment.  Those of you who are staff not directly employed with Upper Adams, are welcome to read the information as well as there may items included that could affect everyone, such as policy changes, etc.
    All information is below.  Have a wonderful weekend!
    Safe Schools Trainings
    All district employees should be receiving emails to complete required trainings.  Several trainings are mandated by the state of PA.  When completing your courses please keep in mind that if you start a session, you must complete the full session.  If you stop in the middle of a session, you will be required to start the session over again the next time you log in.  Also, if you open anything else on  your computer while the program is running it may freeze your screen.  We understand that several trainings are lengthy, but please be sure to schedule time to complete them.  If you have any questions please contact me.
    Professional Employees Only
    Sick Leave Bank
    If you plan to enroll in the Sick Leave Bank, the proper form is required to be in the Business Office no later than September 9.
    Request for Conference
    When entering a request for a conference absence there is required information that must be entered along with your absence request in the absence portal.
    In the Notes to the Administrator you must include the following information:
    • Name of the conference and the estimated cost/reimbursement.
    • Registration, motel, mileage, meals, etc.  (If the administrator is using a procurement card for securing registration or hotel, you must still enter the cost for these items). 
    • If your expenses are being paid by a Title account.
    Health & Wellness
    We are happy to announce that Highmark will be waiving their initiation fee for their Fitness Your Way program in the month of September.  For more information please refer to the attached Fitness Your Way flyer.