• Attendance

    According to PA School Code, Under Act 29, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, children ages 16 and Under are, required to attend school. When a student is charged with 3 illegal absences, the parents shall be liable to legal action which could result in a $300.00 fine. Once a student reaches 10 days absent, he or she will be required to provide a doctor’s excuse. If a doctor’s excuse is not provided, the absence will be unexcused. Once cited for unlawful absences, at the magistrate's discretion, the offending student may have his or her driver's license suspended. If the student is under the age of 16, the magistrate may delay the student's ability to apply for a driver's license.


    Absences from School

    Biglerville High School works in cooperation with parents and guardians in implementing our Attendance Procedures. Parents are asked to call the school when their child is absent 717-677-7191 ext 2120.

    Voicemail is available 24 hours a day, so parents may call at any time to leave a message regarding a student's absence. Parents also are encouraged to call and leave a message if their child will be tardy.
    • Excused Absences: Sickness, impassable roads, quarantine, death in the immediate family, approved educational trips or weather so inclement as to endanger the health or welfare of a child.*
    • Unexcused Absences: Under Pennsylvania School Law, an unlawful absence refers to circumstances such as parental neglect, illegal employment or truancy of a student of compulsory attendance age.
    • Tardiness: Students are considered tardy if they are not in 1st period when the bell rings at 7:50. Principals may assign students after-school detention to make up for such tardiness. Students who are excessively tardy without valid excuses may be suspended. If you know your child will be tardy due to a medical or dental appointment, please call the automated attendance operator to report it.

      *Educational Trips and/or Tours will not be approved for students in Grades 3 through 11 during PSSA Testing Windows.

    Please Note: Students that are absent for 3 consecutive days,will need to submit a physician's excuse for readmission.  Students who miss more than ten (10) school days per year may be required to have a physician's excuse for each absence thereafter.