• It is an honor to be back at my alma mater teaching the subject matter that is near and dear to me - MUSIC! At Biglerville, I was involved with both band and chorus, as well as sports, such as field hockey and basketball.

    Previously, I taught at the Middletown Area School District. I have taught all grade levels, both general music and chorus K-12 for a total of 12 years. I was involved with musical productions as well as coaching middle school field hockey.

    Here at Biglerville, there are several music class options for high school students to take with me throughout the course of their high school career. They include beginner guitar, music appreciation, music theory, sound technology, and chorus.

    Middle school students will take an exploratory music class in 7th grade. It only meets for 20 days, but gives students a hands-on approach to making their own music. Chorus is also an option for middle school students and meets at the end of each day during Cannervention.