• Mission Statement

    The Upper Adams School District provides challenging and inspiring educational opportunities, empowering each student to be a responsible and productive individual.

    Vision Statement

    All students college and career ready.

    Shared Values

    A commitment to the success of each student by emphasizing:

    • essential curriculum through high quality instruction
    • analysis of data to make decisions in the best interest of students
    • the use of a variety of assessments to identify student needs and measure student progress
    • ongoing assessment is necessary to improve student achievement   
    A commitment to providing training for staff in the areas of:
    • analyzing data to improve and clearly focus classroom instruction
    • literacy instruction for all teachers in all subjects at all levels
    • motivating students
    • nurturing interpersonal and social skills for all students
    Public education is a shared responsibility

    Students will need a variety of skill sets to be equipped for an ever-changing global society

    High expectations for staff will result in continuous improvement
    Setting high expectations for each student helps them to achieve continuous improvement and to meet their full individual potential
    Self-discipline is critical to learning
    A safe, clean, secure, and supportive environment is essential to learning
    A successful school district requires an involved and supportive community Parent and guardians must ensure that children arrive at school ready to learn