• Biglerville Elementary School

    3270 Biglerville Rd.

    Biglerville, PA 17307


    The School Day:

    School Starts at 9:05 am.  Children may not be dropped off before 8:45 am.  Parent Pick-Up is at 3:30 pm in the pick-up circle. Please stay in your car when in the pick-up circle.  A teacher will assist your child in getting in your vehicle.  The first bus dismissal is at 3:35 pm.


    Lunch Prices:


    Lunch = $2.70,    Breakfast = $1.50,    Adult = $3.85




    1. Call the school prior to 10:00 am if your child is going to be absent

    2. Three consecutive days of absence = doctor note required

    3. Three illegal days of absence = legal action can be pursued

    4. Ten excused absences per year are allowed by board policy

         then a doctors note is required.

    5. The following absences can be excused:

                - Illness(with written excuse)

                - Death in Family

                - Preapproved Trip

                - Recovery from accident

                - Religious Holiday

                - Medical or Dental Appointment(with written excuse)

    6.  Practices, Games, and other Performances are not legal



    Contact your child’s teacher first to ask questions or express concerns before calling the office.  For bus issues speak to the bus driver first before contacting the office.