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     iPad Information and Help

    Parent(s), Guardian(s), and students, please think of the iPad as a textbook. You would NOT remove the pages from a textbook and replace them out of order. It would DESTROY the book. So, PLEASE do NOT alter anything in or on the iPad. No one should use the iPad except for the student. The apps that are on this iPad are very delicate. One wrong entry can mess the up the whole iPad or apps. So, please, ONLY your child should work on this iPad. You may help, but let the student do the "driving."Thank you.

    How to Use Your iPad

    Trouble Shooting Your iPad

    Language Arts: below is the link to take you to the web site for the reading series the district uses.

    Steps to use the Language Arts website


    Math: below are links that will give you access to PDF files for you to use from the web site for the math series the district uses. These links will NOT take you to a web site.