• Welcome to the 6th grade team!
    I am looking forward to another great year! 
    This year the 6th graders will be working with all of the 6th grade teachers.  Students will travel to Mrs. Neely for math class.  Mrs. McLean will teach all of the 6th graders language arts.  I will be teaching science and social studies to every 6th grader.  Mrs. Pitzer will also be a part of our 6th grade team. 
    In social studies we will focus on world cultures and geography.   The year will begin with review of geographical features and drawing a world map.  One tool we will use to be successful in drawing a world map is the game of RISK.   Many of the social studies skills will be assessed with culminating projects showcasing your knowledge on topics we learn about in class.  There are few traditional assessments in social studies.  
    In science we will be learning about how we can leave a positive impact on nature and our environment.   The year will begin by learning about our watershed and how we affect the Chesapeake Bay.  In science each chapter will conclude with a traditional assessment.  You can be successful on these types of assessments by taking a few minutes each evening to review concepts and vocabulary from class.   You may use the vocabulary cards we made in class.  I also have placed links in the student's Google Science and Google Social Studies classroom.    
    If you have any concerns please let me know.  School email is the easiest way to contact me during the school day.   p.shaffer@upperadams.org
    I can also be reached through Bloomz.  If you have not registerd, please do.  I am happy to share an activation code.  
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