• Welcome to the 6th grade team at UAIS

    Thanks for stopping by my web page.  I hope it is helpful.  I am so excited to be part of the 6th grade this year.  I know we will all work closely to make this a successful experience.  I will be teaching science and social studies to all of the 6th grade students on Mrs. Neely & Mrs. McLean's team.  

    In 6th grade our social studies focuses on World Cultures and Geography.  We will learn to draw a map of the world, from memory. We will also review some of the physical features found on maps as well as learning a few new features that you may not have had in 5th grade.  All 6th graders will participate in the Lion's Club Peace Poster Contest. Students will gain cultural insites into traditons and geography on the continents of Africa, Asia and Latin America.  

    Science in 6th grade will allow students to learn through hands-on investigations, helping them to understand the foundations of science and inspire curiosity about the subject. We will begin the year reviewing the scientific method. Other topics we will learn about include: earth's atmosphere, plate techtonics, the rock cycle and water sheds.  

    If you have any concerns please let me know.  School email is the easiest way to contact me during the school day.   p.shaffer@upperadams.org
    I can also be reached through DOJO.  If you have not registerd, I strongly encourage you to do so now.  Mrs. McLean sent each parent and invitation to join.  If you need me to resend it, please let me know. MANY important announcements will be communicated through DOJO.  A paper invitation was also given at Meet the Teacher night.  I will post homework assgnments and reminders on DOJO.   




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