• Assignments for Mr. Shambaugh's Class


    Reading: You will need to log in to the Wonders website (follow the link below). Your username is your first initial, last initial, and your lunch number. Your password is uasd followed by your lunch number. Once you have logged in, click on Launch to get to the resources you need.

    Click this link to go to our Wonders Reading resources.

    Our essential question this week is "How can you use what you know to help others?".

    Your assignments for today:

    1. Click on the Red button, "Words To Know". Then click "Unit 4 Week 2 Key Vocabulary". Click on each word and read the Routine page and listen to the Example page.

    2. Click this Vocabulary Practice. You can write your answers on a sheet of paper and check them with someone at home.

    3. Click on the Blue button, "Read". Select "The Impossible Pet Show". Read (or listen to) this story.

    4. After reading "The Impossible Pet Show", click on the green "To Do" button. Answer the 2 questions by typing your answer in the Note to Teacher box. When you have finished answering these questions, click on Submit.

    5. Listen to today's read aloud by clicking the link below. We are going to continue reading Slacker.

    Slacker Chapter 23


    Math: For a lot of online math classes, we will use the Khan Academy website. To access this site, please click on the link below. On the home page, you will click the Login button in the upper right corner of the page. You should enter your username and password to get the day's assignments. Your username and password are the same username and password that you use for the Wonders web site.

    Follow this link to the Khan Academy website.

    You will complete 3 assignments today. They are listed as due by 11:59 PM today. The assignments are:

    1. Watch the video "Solving Problems with Picture Graphs".

    2. Complete the "Reading Picture Graphs" Article.

    3. Complete the "Picture Graphs" Exercise.

     Click this link to go to Study Island.


    Science: No Assignment

    Social Studies: By the end of the day Friday (4/3) visit the PebbleGo website and click log in. Your username is engaged and the password is learning.

    Click here to go to the PebbleGo website.

    Once you are in the site, search for Helen Keller. 

    1. Read the information about Helen Keller.

    2. Write 5 facts about Helen Keller.

    3. Explain why Helen Keller is important.

    4. Share this information with someone at home.

    Please visit the pages below for Music, Art, Library, and Phys. Ed. activities that you can do with your child at home.




    Phys. Ed.

    For more parent resources, check out Ready Rosie here.