The Bee Room of learning

    April 6, 2020      Monday

    Unit 3 Week 5

    The essential quesiton is: How is each event in history unique?     


    • to get your daily reading assignment https://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/
    • every day there will be a new reading assignment please check every day
    • in todays assignment you will be introduced to your new vocabulary words
      • when you go into your wonders assignement you will see an icon on the right hand side, click on it
      • you will see a list of words, click on one word 
      • you will now see a screen that will play a short video click on the little ear on the left had corner
      • to retrun ot the list of words on the middle bottom there is a little house click on it
      • repeat for each vocabulary word
    • you have new vocabualry, attached are your new words and definitions new vocabulary words
    • Important, when you complete an assignment you must click on submitt so I can see you have completed the assignment 
    •  go to epic read and read or lsiten to a book of your choice.


    • Ava, Drema, Seth, Evan,Michael, Jayden, Emma Girl attached are your new spelling words ou, ew spelling word
      • practice your news words any way you choose


    • Preston and Adrian attached are your new words long a silent e
      • practice your new words any way you choose, neatly



    • Please write a few sentences each day about what you did each day. See the Bee Buzz Newsletter for ideas of journal entries. I have also attached a form if you want to use that to give ideas. I will add ideas every few days.journal format


    Math: everyday

    • Go to xtrmath.org for math fluency practice
      • if it asks for an email address, use mine: n.miller@upperadams.org
      • I can track progress
    • Go to https://www.splashlearn.com/ 
    • choose the comparing numbers lesson and 4 digit +3 digit 
    • Be sure to use scrap paper no guessing!!!!!!