• Hello!
    My name is Linde Miller and I've taught at Biglerville Elementary since 2013.
    I believe in teaching children to be self-motivated learners and independent problem solvers. We do daily community meetings to discuss self-regulation, practice respecting and encouraging others, and problem solve classroom issues together.
    Academically we try to solve problems with guidence first and move towards persevering independently. That may look like a math problem that students work together to solve and share how they reached their conclusion and overcame any misunderstandings. In language arts it may be seeing an unknown word in a text and solving it by thinking about what would make sense next or what word does it look simular to?
    Most imporantly I try to create an envioronment that encourages learning and mistakes. I tell students all the time if they knew everything, I wouldn't have a job. My job is to teach, if they don't know something, that means that's what we should learn next.  Not knowing something doesn't make you unintelligent, not pursuing the answer does.
    Let me know if you have any questions by e-mailing me at li.miller@upperadams.org. If you are a parent of one of my students, you can most likely reach me on ClassDojo as well.
    Have a great day, the choice is yours.
    Mrs. Miller