• ADMINISTRATION OFFICE  (Hours – 8am – 4pm)


    Dr. Wesley Doll – Superintendent  w.doll@upperadams.org 

    Mr. Joseph Albin – Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment  j.albin@upperadams.org

    Candra Bretzman – Central Office Executive Assistant   c.bretzman@upperadams.org

    Mr. Joshua Cantrell – Director of Technology  j.cantrell@upperadams.org

    Mr. Brad Showers – Director of Student Services  b.showers@upperadams.org

    Kelly Shannon – Administrative Assistant for Student Services k.shannon@upperadams.org

    Tina Fair – Human Resources Coordinator  t.fair@upperadams.org

    Vacant – Transportation/Child Accounting Coordinator  



    Shelley Hobbs – Business Administrator   s.hobbs@upperadams.org

    Lois Swope – Administrative Assistant  l.swope@upperadams.org

    Kim Cless - Accounting and Food Services Coordinator    k.cless@upperadams.org







    Sports Schedules                                         Anthony Graham  a.graham@upperadams.org

    Directions to Games

    Title IX Athletic Opportunities 





    Curriculum                                                    Joseph Albin  j.albin@upperadams.org 

    PSSA Testing
    Keystone Exams 

    Non-Discrimination in School and                Wesley Doll, Superintendent  w.doll@upperadams.org

    Classroom                                                    161 N. Main Street, Biglerville PA 17307 - 717-677-7191 ext. 2751                    





    Canner Educational Fund                            Wesley Doll  w.doll@upperadams.org


    Donations to the District                               Shelley Hobbs  s.hobbs@upperadams.org


    Use of Facilities                                            Building Principals



    Food Services



    Breakfast Program

    Healthy Snacks 

    Free and Reduced Lunch Information          Kim Cless k.cless@upperadams.org

    Computerized Lunch Accounting



    Administrative Services/Human Resources


    Employment Opportunities                           Tina Fair  t.fair@upperadams.org

    Staff Information                                               

    Nondiscrimination in Employment                 Wesley Doll, Superintendent  w.doll@upperadams.org

    Practices                                                        161 N. Main Street, Biglerville PA 17307 - 717-677-7191 ext. 2751

    TItle IX Coordinator                                        Wesley Doll, Superintendent. w.doll@upperadams.org

                                                                           161 N. Main Street, Biglerville PA 17307 - 717-677-7191 ext. 2751

    Clearances (FBI fingerprinting)                    Tina Fair    t.fair@upperadams.org
    Clearances (Child Abuse/State Police)

    Substitute Employment                                Tina Fair  t.fair@upperadams.org



    Educational Services


    Special Education                                        Brad Showers  b.showers@upperadams.org

    Gifted Education

    English as a Second Language

    Homebound Instruction

    Nondiscrimination for Students

    Section 504/Chapter 15 Service Agreements   

    Student Services
    Suicide Prevention Coordinator

    Suicide Awareness, Prevention, and Response

    Threat Assessment

    Foster Care Point of Contact
    District Cyber School Course Offerings (Grades K-12)       Building Principals
    Homeschooling                                            Candy Bretzman c.bretzman@upperadams.org
                                                                         Joseph Albin j.albin@upperadams.org

    Transportation Issues                    Shelley Hobbs  s.hobbs@upperadams.org



    School Board of Directors


    List of Directors                                           Candy Bretzman  c.bretzman@upperadams.org

    List of Meeting dates/locations      


    Request to address Board of Directors         Questions4Board@upperadams.org

    Upper Adams School District Board Policies  Wesley Doll  w.doll@upperadams.org


    School Taxes                                       Shelley Hobbs   s.hobbs@upperadams.org


    Student Services


    Equal Access                                                  Wesley Doll, Superintendent  w.doll@upperadams.org

    Exempting Students from District Programs   161 N. Main Street, Biglerville PA 17307

    Student Harassment Compliance Officer        (717) 677-7191 ext. 2751

                                                                             Please refer to Policy #248 Pupils - Unlawful Harassment


    Insurance for Students                                Shelley Hobbs  s.hobbs@upperadams.org


    Registering A New Student                         School Secretary – Grades K-6

                                                                        Guidance Secretary – Grades 7-12


    Homeless Student Liaison                       Brad Showers b.showers@upperadams.org


    Wellness Policy                                          Shelley Hobbs  s.hobbs@upperadams.org



    Public Information


    Right to Know/Open Records                      Shelley Hobbs  s.hobbs@upperadams.org



    Student Records                                          Wesley Doll  w.doll@upperadams.org

    Upper Adams School District Board Policies
    Suggestions                                                        Web Master  webmaster@upperadams.org
    District Property 
    Facilities and Grounds                                 Anthony Graham  a.graham@upperadams.org
    Use of Facility
    District Safety