•                                                                         Canners Baseball                                                                               



                       Jeff Taylor, Head Coach                                                      Kyle Knouse, Assistant

                       Rick Byers, Assistant                                                           Jerp Reinhart, Assistant






    Welcome to the 2016 BHS Canners baseball team!  Your level of commitment will determine how much success we achieve on and off the ball field this season.  We believe that, as a team, we have the ability to achieve success.  It is up to you to show us that you have the desire.  Our success depends on everyone dedicating themselves to the same goal for the next few months.  Give 100% all the time and you will be successful; consequently, our team will be successful.  Team rules are few but they are adhered to strenuously:

    1.     All PIAA rules and Upper Adams School District rules regarding academic eligibility will be followed.  You must be passing 5 credits.  (Please see “Athletic Code of Conduct and Discipline” in the Student Athletic Policy Handbook).



    2.     Athletic department guidelines concerning alcohol, tobacco, and non-prescription drugs are most definitely in effect.  (Please see Policy Handbook).



    3.     Practice is where you prove yourself worthy to represent BHS in the games.  Plan on practicing every day.  Practice cannot be missed without just cause.  Time that is missed from practice should be cleared by talking with one of the coaches at least one day before it occurs. (Please see Policy Handbook).



    4.     The coaching staff will play those athletes whom we deem best for a particular situation.  Everyone will not play equal amounts of time.



    5.     You must be checked-in to school by 8 AM that day in order to participate in practices or games.  We encourage you to be on time each day.



    6.     Avoid detention because this will cause lost practice time or missed buses to games.  As a result you could end up losing your position and/or playing time.



    7.     It is important that, during the time after school and before practice begins, each player understands that he must promptly dress for practice.  This time is NOT to be used for playing basketball or other activities in the gym, “hanging-out” with girlfriends or friends, or loitering in hallways, locker rooms, vehicles, or elsewhere.  Get dressed and go directly into the gym or onto the baseball field, depending on the weather.



    8.     All players will wear baseball attire appropriately (e.g., bill of cap facing forward, pant legs NOT worn over spikes, no white T-shirt under jersey, etc.).



    9.     During baseball times such as games and practices (including bus rides to and from games), the use of cell phones, iPhones, or other electronic devices is prohibited.  You may, however, contact parents in order that they may be at the school to take you home from a game.




    Baseball is a great game and should be fun for all participants.  Whether you find your niche as a game-day player, practice player, or JV substitute, you should enjoy the experience providing you have a love for the game and give it your best effort.




    *  Find attached both the Varsity and JV Baseball schedules.