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Biglerville Elementary School students who quality for the Title I Program utilize a personalized, flexible, and intensive intervention program for struggling readers in Grades K-6.  Reading WonderWorks, which supports Reading Wonders, our comprehensive Common Core reading program, was designed specifically to help students who are reading below grade level develop critical reading, writing and analytical skills required by the rigorous new standards so that they can accelerate through the curriculum and read on grade level by the following year.

Available in both print and digital format, Reading WonderWorks was built to support the core instruction that occurs in the Reading Wonders classroom, but provides flexible options and scaffolds specific skills for students with varying intervention needs.  For students in younger grades (K-1), the program emphasizes developing and reinforcing foundational skills from the Reading Wonders program (phonological and phonemic awareness, phonics, word recognition, fluency, oral vocabulary) that are crucial for developing proficient readers as defined by the Pennsylvania Core Standards.  For older grades (2-3), the program's focus shifts to addressing higher level skills (practicing close reading, accessing the meaning of complex text, analytical writing) that are level-appropriate but still maintain the complexity that students are required to master.  Foundational skills continue to be scaffolded to support students throughout the program as needed.   

The program also includes Reading Wonders Adaptive Learning, a system that will continually assess a student's knowledge and skills and provide them with a personalized learning path to help them accelerate their learning.

The goal of Reading WonderWorks is to close the achievement gap among students, help struggling students develop foundational reading and writing skills in a self-paced and flexible environment starting as early as kindergarten, and accelerate them so that they can read on grade level.

The Reading WonderWorks program seamlessly integrates with Reading Wonders through an interconnected digital platform for students and teachers.  Also included in the platform are Foundational Skills Kits that teachers can use with students if they are missing key foundational skills that are potentially holding them back, as well as "Level Up" lessons that stretch and accelerate students to read on grade level.  Placement and diagnostic assessments as well as the Reading Wonders Adaptive Learning system will help tailor instruction, gauge an individual student's progress and ultimately determine if a student is ready to exit the Title I Program.   

Reading WonderWorks offers interactive worktexts and e-books that allow students to take notes, utilize built-in prompts to help them identify and mark text evidence and most importantly, collaborate and discuss passages with their peers to help them think more critically and extrapolate the meaning of more challenging texts.