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If Gifted Support is Not Needed

If your student is either identified as not being gifted, or if your student is gifted but not in need of services, there are still enrichment opportunities for parents and students.  

What happens if my child doesn’t quality for gifted support services?

If a child doesn’t qualify for gifted support services, the parents are welcome to meet with their child’s teacher to discuss their child’s strengths and explore differentiated instruction that would be available based on the child’s needs.

Differentiated instruction may be led by the classroom teacher in consultation and collaboration with the gifted teacher.

The test evaluation report may include ideas and resources based on the child’s strengths that parents and teachers can pursue.

Can my child be tested again?
If you feel strongly that you’d like your child to be tested again, we recommend

1.     Consulting with your child’s teacher

2.     Waiting for 18-24 months if your child is in elementary school (up to 8th grade) and 12-18 months if your child is in high school

If you have questions at any time, we recommend that first you contact the classroom teacher. If you need additional information, please contact your student’s principal. Finally, Dr. Anne Corwell, the Director of Student Services for the Upper Adams School Distract, may serve as a resource. See her contact information on the Resources page.