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Evaluation Process Overview

Evaluation process

(Proceso de Evaluación)

What happens after parents express their interest in continuing with the evaluation process?

Once parents respond with their interest to continue the process, the following information is sent to them:

  • Permission form to evaluate their child
  • Surveys for the parents to complete
  • General information about the gifted identification process

What is the evaluation timeline?

The timeline begins after parents return the permission form to evaluate their child.

  • The school district must complete testing 60 calendar days (not including summer vacation) after the permission form is returned.
  • The testing dates are determined by the district psychologist’s schedule and availability.
  • Testing sessions may take place over several days. 

Examples of tests

Examples of tests include a formal intelligence test and a formal achievement test.

Psychologist determines needs of students

A determination is made whether student is in need of gifted services

Parent meeting

Parents meet with a team from their child’s school and receive several legal documents:

  • GWR – Gifted Written Report by the school psychologist. This is a description of how the student qualifies for gifted support services.
  • NORA – Notice of Recommended Assignment. This gives permission for the school district to provide gifted services.
  • GIEP – Gifted Individual Education Plan. This strengths-based document is compiled by the gifted teacher and states the student’s individual goals. The GIEP is completed annually.

After this initial meeting, parents will meet at least annually with the GIEP team. This meeting and the GIEP are required by law.

 When does a student begin receiving gifted support services?

The GIEP states when a student begins receiving gifted support services.

Who are the gifted support services teachers?

Donna Johnson-Short: Biglerville El. School, Arendtsville El. School, Bendersville El. School

Zach Ramsey: Upper Adams Middle School

Kathy Tyson: Biglerville High School

Find the gifted support services teachers’ contact information on the Resources page.