• Ancient History Requirements

    Mrs. Robison

     Behavioral Expectations

    Rights: ALL students have a right to an education and actions that interfere with that right are not acceptable.

    Responsibility: Success and failure are determined by the decisions YOU make.

    Respect: Respect can be viewed as the so-called “Golden Rule.”  You should act in ways toward other people just as you would want them to act toward you and your belongings.

    Academic Expectations

    Be prepared in TWO ways:

                 1.      Physically: Arrive on time, bring all necessary items to class (i.e. pencil, paper, book, homework)

                 2.    Mentally: Come focused to learn.

    Participation- Students are expected to actively participate in class.  We do a lot of cooperative grouping and everyone has to carry their weight in class discussions, projects and other activities.

    Assignments- All written assignments should be submitted on time. All written work should be, either typed or clearly and neatly written in ink or pencil, and submitted on the day specified. Your written work will be graded partially for neatness, content, and when noted, grammar and spelling.   Carefully PROOFREAD and SPELLCHECK all your written work.

    Late Work- Late work will be accepted, but not without consequence.   All late work must be accompanied with an explanation form or it will not be accepted. (See attached)

    If a student submits an assignment 1 day late, the maximum grade a student can attain is 80%.

    If a student submits an assignment 2 days or later, the maximum grade a student can attain is 50%.

    Late work will only be accepted up until the day of the unit assessment.

    No late work will be accepted after the unit assessment.

    Students who have failed to submit their assignment will end up in lunch detention.
    Missed Work- It is the students’ responsibility to find out what work may have been missed during an absence.  I recommend the following three options to students:

    Visit Mrs. Robison’s Ancient History Website

    Phone, text or email a friend 

    Check the Missing Assignment folder located in the front of the room.

    If a student is absent from school, the number of days the student missed is the same number of days he/she has to submit missed work.

    Tests:  Assessment will take on a variety of forms including quizzes, tests, essays, folders, classwork/homework and projects.

    Assignment and Term Grades- Every quarter has a new set of percentages to the weighted grading. I will hand out a new grading rubric every term.

    Q1: Projects 25%. Tests 25%, Quizzes 15%, Classwork/Homework 15%, Folders 10%, Notebook 10%. Please use PowerSchool to monitor your academic progress in all of your classes.


    Academic: The logical consequence for not working is a failing grade.  I reserve the right to take any of the following measures:

    *Student/teacher conference                            *Call to parents                                 *Parent/student/teacher conference

    *Academic work detention after school          * Lunch detetion                               *Referral to Administration/Guidance

    Behavioral: Behavior problems that violate the “Three Rs” listed above or that reflect a consistent lack of preparation will result in any of the following:

    *oral reminder/conference with teacher             *Lunch detention                           *seating change                                                           

    *referral to office                                                *call home                                     *After-school detention