• pic Curriculum: 

    We will study U.S. History from the French and Indian War through the Civil War (1754 - 1865)


    Learning units will include:

    The French and Indian War

    The American Revolution

    The Formation of a New Nation

    Westward Expansion

    Sectionalism – The North and South

    The Civil War


    We will develop many skills along the way including:

    Understanding the rights and civic responsibilities of Americans

    Understanding the democratic values and ethical ideas that guide the American people

    Examining the contributions of men and women in American history and seeing patterns of power, influence, and progress

    Learning critical thinking skills by analyzing individuals, events, and issues in American history from different perspectives

    Learning from the controversies and challenges that have faced Americans throughout history


    Students will demonstrate understanding through the following instruction and assessment methods:

    Creating flow charts, graphic organizers, timelines, and posters

    Writing paragraphs, essays, pamphlets, and other creative first-person perspectives

    Creating audio/visual presentations/projects

    Interpreting maps, charts, and graphs

    Recalling vocabulary meanings on quizzes

    Homework and classroom assignments/ participation

    Unit tests