In this class, we LEARN. In order to do this, you must…

    1. Listen to instructions. Paying attention in class is vital to your learning. You will only be successful if you fully engage in our class.
    2. Enter and exit prepared. Be sure to bring necessary materials to class.  Failure to do so will disrupt the learning environment for your peers. In order to maximize class time, please be on time and take your seats as quickly as possible at the beginning of class. You may pack up belongings to leave the classroom when the class period is over.
    3. Always try our best. You will be challenged in this class and will need to give your full effort. I will only accept quality work.
    4. Respect ourselves and each other. I will not tolerate any derogatory comments. It is extremely important for you to respect your teacher, your classmates, and yourself at all times.
    5. No excuses! You are responsible for your own choices, actions, comments, etc. Take ownership of them.


    Furthermore, please read the Student Handbook, which is located in your agenda booklet, for additional school policies regarding dress code, attendance, cell phones, and headphones.  It is your responsibility to know these policies and to follow them.


    In this classroom we will be implementing a supportive behavior plan. In this plan we will be respectfully dealing with inappropriate behaviors, providing consequences to allow for necessary structure, communicating with home, and rewards for students who are successful with minimal behavior issues.



    I will deal with on site behaviors by using eye contact, proximity, and redirection. If the student does not comply with the class expectation, they will be asked to “Sign the book”. In The Book they will need to record their name, date, the assignment missed or the rule broken, and why they chose this behavior. During a given marking period, if a student signs up three or more times, I will be calling home to discuss the situation and develop a plan for improvement. The plan might include a second chance, detention, parent conference, or an individualized behavior plan. I believe while working together, we will be able to provide the student with the necessary tools for success.


    To provide students with an incentive for a marking period of successful behavior, we will be having a celebration chosen by the students at the end of each term. Those students, who have signed up less that six times in a marking period, will be invited to attend. Those with more than six will be attending independent work sessions where they will work on curricular or behavior related assignments.



    Your grade for each marking period is based on total point value:

    F-64 and below

    Required Materials

    1. Your language arts binder and a pencil should be brought to class every day so that you can take notes and complete assignments. Your binder will need to be divided into the following sections: Current Unit, Weekly Home Practice, Vocabulary, and Resources. Being organized is a key component to your success in this class!


    1. You must also keep a separate bound notebook as a writing journal. This writing journal will be provided for you and MUST be kept in your Language Arts binder at all times.  You will be asked to free write and respond to writing prompts in this notebook.