• Child Development Syllabus: 

    Course Description-Child Development I and II:

    This course will discuss social and economic changes affecting family life and job opportunities in early childhood programs.  We will also cover education and training needed to work with young children in a variety of types of early childhood programs.  In addition, child development from age three to five years will be covered.  An understanding of creating a safe and healthy environment, planning nutritious snacks, discipline and guidance techniques, daily routines, and age appropriate activities will be activated in the pre school lab. (Level II students have different projects and higher expectations.)

    Independent Study:

    Option A:  Third year in preschool lab

    Option B:  Go to one of the elementary schools

    What are students doing in Pre School Lab?

    "Student Teachers" are assigned to work with individual or groups of children to observe a variety of developmental differences and responses related to their personality and age-typical characteristics.  This occurs through direct interaction with preschoolers, ages 3-5.

    Students are responsible for selecting, developing, and implementing activities, which will enhance the children's physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth.

    Course Objectives:

    What opportunity does the Pre School Lab provide for a Biglerville High School student?

    Students will:

    • Write and plan objectives to meet the needs of individual children.
    • Evaluate, select and plan developmentally appropriate activities.
    • Create effective learning environments.
    • Collaborate, problem solve and make decisions with peers to develop activities in the best interest of the pre school children.
    • Practice essential time management skills.

    Students will also:

    • Developing effective ways of managing children in a group.
    • Practicing appropriate communication styles with children.
    • Using effective communication with parents of assigned children.
    • Exploring career opportunities available in the child-care field.


    Grades are calculated so that each of you have the same number of points.  Whether or not you EARN those points depends on the effort you put into the assignment/project.  You have as many days to make up the points as you were absent.  For example, if you are absent on Tuesday and come back to school on Wednesday, your make up work is due on Thursday.  After that, you will receive a 0 for the assignment.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO FIND OUT WHAT YOU HAVE MISSED.

    Grading Scale:

    A = 92 - 100

    B = 83 - 91

    C = 73 - 82

    D = 65 - 72

    F = below 65

    Mrs. L. Fritz’s Rules, Expectations, and Procedures:

    1. When arriving to class, BE ON TIME and report to your seat immediately.
    2. Check the board for any announcements or assignments to start.
    3. Come to class PREPARED, meaning have all of the necessary materials.  Being organized will help ensure that you have everything you need.
    4. RESPECT YOURSELF AND OTHERS.  Show respect to others and you will be shown respect in return.  COOPERATION by every student is also necessary and expected.
    5. PARTICIPATE in class discussion and activities.  Also, there may be times when you are expected to work in a pair or a group.  However, this may only occur when you have been told to do so by Mrs. L. Fritz.
    6. USING THE RESTROOM: There are two single unisex bathrooms located in this hallway.  Those are the bathrooms you may use.  You must have permission from Mrs. L. Fritz to use the bathroom, and you must sign out on the sheet located by the door.
    7. INAPPROPRIATE LANGUAGE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, especially use of profanity.
    8. CELL PHONES ARE NOT PERMITTED, especially on preschool days!
    9. At the end of the period, please REMAIN SEATED until I dismiss you.

    Dress and Piercings:

    When preschool starts, you will be getting down on the floor to work with the children and possibly will be involved with outdoor play time.  NO bare skin at backs or middles, and no skirts that are too short for moving appropriately.  NO deep and open necklines since you will be leaning forward over children to help.  NO shirts containing skulls or other inappropriate images for preschool children to see.  Dress to actively participate.  You are not only representing yourself but also our preschool program.  Facial piercings must be taken out on preschool days.  The consequences will be a zero for the day and you will not be allowed to participate.

    Expectations for Appropriate Behavior in Pre School Lab:

    • Set a good example through speech, actions, and attitudes
    • Participate and behave in a mature manner
    • Actively participate with the entire group of children and assigned work group
    • Appropriate use of language:  the use of slang vulgarities or profanity will NOT be tolerated and will result in removal of privileges in working with assigned children.  Alternate activities away from the preschool will be provided.
    • You are here to work with the children and help prepare them for kindergarten


    In order to successfully run the pre school lab, we must all work as a team.  There may be individuals that you do not normally “hang out” with, but in this class you must put those opinions and differences aside.  Think of the children and what is best for them.  There will be people that you have to work with in life that you may not get along with, but you do not have a choice when you have to work with them every day.  Do your best to work together as mature individuals, and if there is a problem, please let Mrs. L. Fritz know immediately.