ALGEBRA 2  -  Course Expectations


    ·      Covers (roughly) chapters 1-3, 5-7, 9, and 12 of the textbook.  Students have the textbook on their computers (a hard copy is available at student's request).  Obviously, the laptop computer is a chief resource tool that students are expected to have ready for use on a daily basis (charged). There are NUMEROUS outstanding websites that can help in the understanding of taught concepts (see “Helpful Resources” section).


    ·      Expect 1 or 2 major tests and 2 quizzes per quarter; there is a cumulative final exam at the end of the course. 


    ·      Expect 15-20 graded assignments (class work or homework) per quarter. Each of these is worth 10 points; they are called “check” assignments and are tallied and entered into the computer (PowerSchool) after every 5 assignments. Please DO YOUR OWN WORK at all times. Obviously, copying from a peer or even your "partner" is NOT group work and you are not only being dishonest, you are hurting yourself and the learning of the concept being studied. If you don't understand something, just ask! Don't fall behind in your work as you may find it very difficult to catch up.


     ·     Quarter grades will be based upon the following:

                          TESTS ----- 40%       QUIZZES ----- 30%       ASSIGNMENTS ----- 30%


    *     The Final Grade for the course will be calculated as 45% Sem1, 45% Sem2, and 10% for the Final Exam.