• Biglerville High School
    (Mrs. T. Fritz)
     ***A graphing calculator is required for Precalculus/Trigonometry, Calculus, and all college-level classes***
    Biglerville High School
    A student will not earn course credit where he or she has:
    1. 18 or more cumulative absences for a full year course;
    2. 9 or more cumulative absences for a half year course;
    3. 6 or more cumulative absences for a quarter course.
    Cumulative absences are those that disqualify a student from earning course credit:
    • Illness covered by a parent/guardian note or contact.
    • Absence from class due to missing the bus or lack of transportation.
    • Family vacation that has not been pre approved.
    • Activities not related to school that take place while school is in session.
    • Truancy/cutting class.
    • Late to school or class- 3 unexcused late to class= 1 class absence.  
    Biglerville High School
    Students must pass 3 math courses in 4 years.  Minimum 
    course requirements for graduation are:  Algebra 1A, Algebra IB, and 
    Other math credit options include:  Algebra II, Integrated Math, Probability and Statistics, Precalculus/ Trigonometry.
    Accounting I may qualify as a math credit as of the 2016-2017 school year.  Please see Mrs. McAnlis for more information.

    Accounting 1 (1 Math Credit) (Prerequisite:  Algebra 1B and Geometry)

    Accounting is a skill-level course that is of value to all students pursuing a career in business, marketing, or management. This course also will be valuable for anyone wanting to operate a business helping the student understand profit and loss concepts through data analysis..  Students will learn how to keep financial records by recording, summarizing, and analyzing data.  Practical accounting principles will be learned by preparing actual business management records.  This class would be beneficial for a college-bound student pursuing an accounting career as well as a student wanted to enter a vocational job.
  • University of Pittsburgh
    Scientific Calculus
    (Math 0220)
    ALL students must pass Placement Exam

    A graphing calculator is required for this course.
    Course will be taught as a college course; it would be unfair to the student if the course were no harder than a high school course--it would give the students the idea that college is no harder than high school.  Furthermore, the Univeristy of Pittsburgh cannot award credits to individuals in College in High School Programs unless those classes are as rigorous as the classes are on the campus of the University.
    High Code of Academic Honesty
    **Any student who is suspected of violating the Code of Academic Honesty may receive a 0 for the assignment/test or may fail the course immediately without any questions being asked** 
    All students will be present on the day of a University of Pittsburgh Exam--NO EXCEPTIONS...students may not arrive late on the day of a University Exam or they will not be permitted to enter the test area 
    Grades are computed as follows:
    45% University of Pittsburgh Tests
    30% University of Pittsburgh Final Exam 
    25% Biglerville High School Grade 
    Students with disabilities:
    Although most accommodations provided in high schools can be met by CHS, in rare instances the accommodation will not be appropriate for a college course. If a CHS student requests accommodations, documentation of his or her disability should be faxed to the CHS office at 412-624-5003. Please remember to include a home mailing address. CHS will work with the University of Pittsburgh’s Office of Disability Resources and Services to evaluate whether the requested accommodations are reasonable for the CHS course.
  • HACC 
    College Algebra (Math 103)
    Principles of Mathematics
     (Math 111)
    ALL students must pass Placement Exam
    A graphing calculator is required for this course.
    Course will be taught as a half-year course within the same time frame as the HACC calendar and within the same number of minutes as a regular HACC 3-credit class.
    Excused absences are absences beyond student control that can be documented by professional personnel.  Students are permitted up to five excused absences if excuse is received at the very next class. Otherwise, the absence becomes unexcused.  Students are permitted one unexcused absence for emergency purposes.  Each unexcused absence after the first reduces the student's grade by 10%.  Upon the ninth unexcused absence, the student will be withdrawn from the BHS course.  Students arriving late or leaving early from class will not be tolerated without documentation from professional personnel and will be considered an unexcused absence without such documentation
     No late work is accepted and no make-up work is permitted for unexcused absences.
    If a student wants to withdrawal from a course, the student will receive a grade of W if withdrawing before the deadline (see syllabus). 
    Consequences for violating the Academic Honesty Policy are either a 0 on the test/assignment or Failing the course depending on the number of violations and/or the severity of the violation.  Violations of the Academic Honesty Policy are Cheating, Plagiarism, Interfering with another student's work, Buying/Selling student work, Falsifying record, Knowingly assisting a person with a mentioned violation.
    Incomplete Grades are rarely used but may be given in extenuating circumstances.
    Students in need of Accommodations:
    HACC--Gettysburg Campus
    Disability Services
    731 Old Harrisburg Road
    Gettysbuerg, PA  17325
    Phone:  717-339-3513
    FAX:  717-337-3015