• Friday Reminders for 9/22/2017 

    From the Business Office

    Direct Deposit Form Revised

    An updated version of the direct deposit form is now available on the district web site and is attached.  All employees who are making changes to their banking or credit union direct deposits are required to fill out this form and return it to the Business Office in order for the changes to take effect in payroll. Changes include, change of banks or accounts in your current bank, change of names on accounts, change of address, or change of amount deposited into the credit union.  If you have any questions please contact Lois Swope at extension 2702.

    PSERS Foundations For Your Future Seminar

    The Public School Employees’ Retirement System (PSERS) will hold a Foundations for Your Future (FFYF) program meeting at the Chambersburg Area Middle School auditorium, 1151 East McKinley Street, Chambersburg on October 25, 2017 promptly at 4:30 PM. These FFYF presentations provide active members with information about PSERS benefits and services. A PSERS Retirement Counselor will cover topics such as benefit options, withdrawal of contributions, rollovers, taxes, and legislative actions affecting PSERS.  PSERS recommends that all active members attend an FFYF meeting, particularly if planning to retire within the year.

    Advance registration is not required to attend any of these large group meetings. Please contact the Southcentral Regional Office at  717.720.6335 if you require an accommodation in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to participate.

    This is a seminar only and is not an individualized exit meeting for those who are seeking information about their retirement account.  Please contact PSERS for a list of exit counseling sessions.


    Live Well Work Well

    The most recent edition of this is attached for your reading pleasure.

    ​From Technology

    Friday Friendly Tech Tip:

    Do you delete your emails from helpdesk without reading them?  Wait don't delete them, there may be a message from the Tech Department in there that we are waiting for your response on.  Please make sure you read your emails from helpdesk.  We may be waiting to hear from you to resolve your issue.  You don't even need to login to helpdesk to respond.  You can respond right to the email and it will record your response in helpdesk and send an email to the Technician on the ticket.

    Thanks so much for reading our Friendly Friday Tech Tip!
    The Tech Department


    Friday Reminders for 9/15/2017

    Updating Your Background Clearances

    As you are aware an amendment to  Act 153 of 2015 amended the Child Protective Services Law (CPSL) which requires Section 111 (criminal background) checks be renewed every 60 months. The passing of Act 4 aligns the School Code with the new CPSL requirement and permits any of the three required background checks to be used by potential applicants for up to 5 years (i.e., 60 months). 

    So that you are aware of when your clearances will expire, and must be updated, the date your clearances are due has been added to the salary notification you received at the start of this school year.  I will also notify you by e-mail three months prior to the due date, and will follow up with a final letter to remind you to update you clearance if you have not already done so by that time.  You will not receive another reminder.  Clearances are not always guaranteed to clear on the same day you apply, so please be sure to begin the process as soon as possible and within at least one month prior to the due date.  According to the law, you will not be able to work in the district until your clearances have been presented to the district.

    Instructions for obtaining the clearances will be sent to you with the first e-mail reminder.


    Benefits Update

    Customer Service Phone Numbers and Website Addresses

    A list of phones numbers and website addresses for all benefits is attached.

    Blues On Call

    Have you ever used Blues On Call? I have, and the experience was very reassuring and helpful. The nurse on call is ready to assist you in any way, whether you don't understand the instructions your doctor gave you, or what a diagnosis from a doctor actually means.  For more information and the phone number for Blues On Call, please see the attached flyer.

    Cost Estimator

    Would you like to become a conscious consumer of your health care?  Try using the cost estimator provided for members on the Highmark Blue Shield website www.highmarkblueshield.com .  Bringing down the cost of health care begins with each insured member in a health care plan.  Try using the cost estimator the next time you need a medical procedure.  You will be surprised at the difference in cost for each provider.  Information and how to access the Cost  Estimator is attached.


    PSERS Foundations For Your Future Seminar

    The Public School Employees’ Retirement System (PSERS) will hold a Foundations for Your Future (FFYF) seminar at Lincoln Intermediate Unit #12, 65 Billerbeck Street, New Oxford on October 2, 2017 promptly at 4:30 PM.  These FFYF seminars provide non-retired members with information about PSERS benefits and services.  A PSERS Retirement Counselor will cover topics such as benefit options, withdrawal of contributions, rollovers, taxes, and legislative actions affecting PSERS.  PSERS recommends that all active members attend an FFYF seminar, particularly if you are planning on retiring within the year. 

    Advance registration is not required to attend any of these seminars. Please contact the Southcentral Regional Office at  717.720.6335 if you require an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodation to participate.

    This is a seminar only and is not an individualized exit meeting for those who are seeking information about their retirement account.  Please contact PSERS for a list of exit counseling sessions.


    Friday Reminders for 9/8/2017

    Application for Course Pre-Approval and Reimbursement

    When you are completing the information for a Course Pre-Approval and Reimbursement please be sure that all required paperwork is included and signed by your supervisor before sending it to Dr. Doll for approval.  Reimbursement will not be approved unless all information and all signatures have been submitted.

    For Course Pre-approval

    When applying for the class, complete the top section of the Course Pre-approval/Reimbursement form.  You must also include the course description with your request.  At this time you should also print a statement of fees that should be provided when you register.  The statement should include the actual tuition cost separate from books, deferred payment fees, and any other additional fees.  The district will reimburse you for the tuition only (based on the average tuition rate determined for the current school year).

    For Course Reimbursement

    After completion of the class, you must include the following, along with completion and signatures on the bottom section of the Course Pre-approval/Reimbursement form:

    1. Itemized statement of fees - This statement must include the tuition amount only, separate from books, fees etc.  
    2. Your final grade 
    3. Proof of payment for your class - Payment can be a copy of a paid receipt from the college, your cancelled check, or verification that it was paid by credit card.  
    4. Should you choose to defer payment of your class - you must still pay for your class yourself directly to the college prior to submitting for reimbursement after completion of your course.

    Sending all required documents and obtaining all needed signatures will help avoid a delay in your reimbursement.

    All Course Pre-approval/Reimbursement Request forms should be sent to Candy Bretzman in the central office.

    Field Trip Request Forms

    It is important when requesting approval for Field Trips that all staff use the most current and up-to-date form (dated 7/2017).  It can be found on the UASD website; a copy of the new form is attached for your reference.  Please update your files as we will not be accepting forms other than the one dated 7/2017.


    Benefits Information

    Certificate of Coverage Booklets

    Are now available at www.highmarkblueshield.com .  You will need to sign in/create an account to access the booklets.  


    Fitness Your Way Promotion for September for Members in Highmark Blueshield Health Insurance

    Medically insured members of our health plan (must be 18 years of age or older) are eligible for Blue 365 discounts.  One of these healthy discounts is Fitness Your Way by Tivity Health (formerly Healthways) that allows eligible members to join a network of fitness facilities at a discounted rate, so they can work out anywhere when it’s convenient for them- at a cost that doesn’t stretch their budget.

    Fitness Your Way will have an “all plan” waived enrollment promotion for the month of September.  Any Blue365 eligible member can enroll in Fitness Your Way and the $25 joiner’s fee will be removed by entering the code FIT4FALL at checkout.

    • The promotion is running September 1 – 30, and the code is FIT4FALL. (not case sensitive)
    • The promo code needs to be entered at checkout in order to waive the $25 enrollment fee. 
    • Eligible Blue365 members and their dependents (must be 18 years of age or older) may enroll in Fitness Your Way.
    • Fitness Your Way members enjoy access to any of the 9,500+ participating fitness centers for $25/month and a $25 enrollment fee. 
    • Members can visit multiple locations that participate in the program – there’s no need to stick with one location or fitness chain.
    • There’s no long term contract! Membership requires a three-month commitment — after that, members may call Tivity (formerly Healthways) to cancel.

    Also we want to make you aware of changes to the Tivity Health Fitness Your Way program comingJanuary 1, 2018. The price will increase on January 1, 2018 to $29 / joiner’s fee and $29/month dues.  The cost will increase for new members only – existing members will continue to pay $25 per month so September is a great time to take advantage of their promotion and join!


    Friday Reminders for 8/25/2017
    Welcome back to all of you, and welcome to our new employees!  
    SafeSchools Trainings
    Please be sure to complete the trainings before the deadline dates.  Trainings will not be extended. So, please be sure to complete your trainings on time!  Employees who do not complete a training by the deadline will have the training reassigned individually and the supervisor will be notified.  The annual policy reviews have been combined into two training sessions.  A link to the new district policy web page will be provided.  You must visit the policy page before you will be able to click "next" in Safeschools to complete the training. The policies you are to review will be listed in the training.    
    Salary Notifications
    All employees should have receive a salary notification for 2017-2018.  Please sign your salary notifications and contact me if there are any errors.  
    CLASSIFIED NOTIFICATIONS ONLY:  There is an error under the Payroll Information section. The school year date for the hourly increase should be 17-18.  Please write the correction on the paper when you return it.  If you have already returned your form, I will correct it and initial.
    Health Insurance Update
    Insurance Benefit Booklets are now available on the Highmark Blue Shield website at www.highmarkblueshield.com.  You will need to register to be able to access the booklets.  
    Address/phone number/name changes
    Please contact me if you have any of these changes.  For name and address changes, forms must be completed.
    FYI - Tuition Reimbursement Costs for 2017-2018
    $601.33 per credit
    $1,803.99 for 3 credits    
    "For Staff" Web Page
    Please visit the "For Staff" web page to view all previous reminders to staff, to view benefit information, and additional information beneficial information at 
    ​.  Contact the district webmaster at
    ​ to receive a login and password if you do not have one.  If your password must be reset, you may contact Sandy Asper at s.asper@upperadams.org.
    Did you know that the Upper Adams School District now has an "APP"?  It's true!  Go to the "AppStore" or "Google Play" and download the "APP" today by searching for Upper Adams School District.  District News, events, lunch menus, sports schedules, a tip line, and more are now at your fingertips!  Users can choose which schools they wish to receive information on and also enable push notifications to be alerted when there are urgent messages such as weather delays and cancellations.
    Not only do we want our employees to use the "APP" but also our parents, students (as appropriate), and community members.  Please help us "spread the word" about the availability of our "APP" to all interested stakeholders.  We encourage you to mention the "APP" on your school website, in classroom/school newsletters, and during Back-To-School presentations with parents.
    We appreciate you working together with us as we add yet another tool for communication with District stakeholders.  
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