• Set up of Food Lab

    1. Kitchen Tools
      1. Knowledge of equipment
      2. Demo of appliances
    2. Review of Food Safety and Sanitation
      1. Proper storage techniques
      2. Types of food poisoning

    Discussion of Canner Café in the Learning Commons

    1. Planning (once a marking period at least)
    2. Foods to be sold
    3. Presentation of foods
    4. Nutrition calculations
    5. Cost of ingredients

    Careers in Food Service

    1. Professional positions
    2. Visit by YTI or other Chef

    Meal Preparation Techniques

    1. Garnishes-Demo with fruits and vegetables
    2. Use of apples in meals (apple dumplings)
    3. Cake baking and decorating
    4. Appetizers
    5. Table service
      1. Preparation of foods for special occasions
      2. Table setting, napkin folding, presentation
    6. International Cuisine
      1. Study of selected countries
      2. Preparation of special dishes

    Public Presentations

    1. Gourmet Café
    2. Canner Café in the Learning Commons