• Enrichment Class

    Some students may have an Enrichment class scheduled with me.

    Enrichment is a credited course. Enrichment is not free time.


    When students first get to enrichment, they should:

    1. Check their email
    2. Check the Google calendar
    3. Check your grades


    Enrichment is a time used for:

    • Complete homework
    • Study for tests and quizzes
    • Makeup missed assignments
    • Get extra help
    • Finish any assignment, test or quiz that they did not finish in class
    • Read


    With permission, students may:

    • See another teacher
    • Go to the library for school related assignments.
    • Use headphones and listen to music as long as they are working well
    • Use their phone


    Enrichment class is graded. Students may earn up to 2 points a day/10 points a week.

    • 1 point for working
    • 1 point for cooperation and good behavior