• Friday Reminders For 1/27/2017   
    Workplace Posters
    Each year, employers are required to review, and update workplace posters.  Workplace posters must be placed in a conspicuous area where all employees are able to view, and read the posters. UASD's posters are located on a bulletin board at each building, in the faculty rooms at AV Elementary, BE Elementary and the MS/HS, and in the work room by the main office in BI Elementary.  Central office staff may view the posters in the copy room of the district offices.
    Three posters have been updated this year: Employee Rights Under FMLAPA Unemployment CompensationMinimum Wage Law Summary.  Revised posters have been sent to each building for replacement on bulletin boards.
    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

    Life Insurance Privacy Notice
    Attached is the privacy notice from Gramm-Leach-Bliley for all employees.
    From the Business Office
    1095c Insurance Forms for Tax Filing
    LBT informed us that  March 3rd is the deadline to receive 1095c insurance forms. Please note that these forms are not required for filing your individual income tax filings.
    ​lassified Employees Who Require Substitutes
    To ensure that your substitute is being requested for the correct time of day when needed:
    In SAMS - If you only need a substitute for part of the day, choose your absence reason and select "Full Day".   Next to the drop down list is a link icon, click on the icon and a box will appear.  Enter the beginning, and end time a substitute is needed for your absence in this box.
    ​For example:  ​Y
    ​must be off work for a​
     but you only need a sub
     from 12:00 to 2:30.  You enter your absence into SAMS as you normally would for a 
     day.  Click the
    ​ icon link next to the absence reason drop down list
    Put in the 
    ​exact ​
    time that 
    ​you would like the substitute to cover for your absence.
    ​anuary Work Life Excel
    See the attached latest edition.
    Highmark Blue Shield ​
    ​itness Your Way
    If you are a member of Highmark Blue Shield, you get access to over 9500 fitness locations.  See the attached flyer for more information to find out how.
     Friday Reminders For 1/6/2017  
    Workers' Compensation Carrier Change
    The District's carrier for Workers' Compensation has changed from HM Workers' Compensation to Brickstreet Insurance.  The information about WC is printed on an acknowledgement (YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO SIGN AND RETURN THE ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS) and is attached, including the Physician Listing for work injuries/illnesses.  
    Remember to report a work related injury/illness to your supervisor as soon as possible.  Your supervisor will provide you with the appropriate forms to complete for your injury/illness.
    Please contact me if you have any questions.
    From the Business Office 

    For Classified 10 Month School Term Employees Only
    Time slip recording of early dismissal, and 2 hour delays:
    To ensure that employees are paid properly, the recording of time worked, paid leave day requests, etc., is very important.  Below are some points to remember when recording hours worked on your time slip, as well as what should be recorded if there is a 2 hour delay or early dismissal.
    1.  District is closed for entire day:  No hours should be recorded
    2.  Early dismissal, 2 hour delay:  
    • If you do not want paid for the 2 hours that the school is closed, only record the hours you actually worked.
    • If you would like to use accrued paid personal leave for the 2 hour delay or dismissal, you must indicate it on your time slip, as well as record it in the SAMS absence system.  You may have to ask the building administrative assistant to put the paid leave time in the SAMS system for you.
    • An example of a time slip is attached for your reference.
    If you have any questions regarding your pay or how to enter your work time, please contact Lois Swope, Administrative Assistant for Business Affairs at 677-7191 x2702.
    For All Classified Employees
    The inclement weather memo that was e-mailed to everyone at the start of the school year is attached for your reference.  Please read this memo so that you are aware of your responsibilities regarding closings, delays, and early dismissals.
     Friday Reminders For 1/6/2017  
    For all staff:
    Please be sure to report all address, name and phone number changes to me.  There are forms that must be completed before your address and name will be changed in payroll. These forms can be located on the Employee Forms page of the For Staff webpage.  If you have a phone number change, you should e-mail your new phone number to me, so that it can be changed in the system that sends out the school delay/cancellation calls.

    SafeSchools Trainings
    Don't forget to complete all trainings, that you are required to complete, in SafeSchools.  A list of employee names, who have not completed trainings that are past due, will be sent to supervisors by the end of next week.  So if you haven't completed a training yet, and it is past due, you may want to work on completing it now.
    For Teachers:
    York College & Wilson College Cohorts
    If you are looking for a graduate program to continue your professional development needs, both Wilson College and York College currently have open enrollments for their Spring 2017 and Summer 2017 Cohorts.  
    York College offers a cohort model with reduced or no fees and expenses other than tuition.  The program is a hybrid model and locations for classes are located in Adams County.  The focus of the York College program is Instructional Technology and the program leads to an Instructional Technology Specialist (ITS) Certification in Pennsylvania, which is a highly regarded certification and desirable to classroom teachers and school districts, at large.  If you are interested, please contact Dr. Josh DeSantis at York College of Pennsylvania at jdesant1@ycp.edu or (717) 815-1939 or Dr. Stacey Dammann at York College of Pennsylvania at sdammann@ycp.edu or (717) 815-1422.  There are several Upper Adams Teachers already in this program. 
    Wilson College offers a cohort model with a frozen tuition offer of $1500 for the course of your program.  The program meets in Adams County and has a hybrid component as well.  The program is a general Master's of Education Program and the first class is Reading in the Content Areas.  Several Upper Adams teachers have completed this program in the past.  If you are interested in joining this cohort please contact Dr. Eric Michael at (717) 262-4141 ext. 3109 or at eric.michael@wilson.edu