•  Friday Reminders For 12/23/2016  
    !!Classified Personnel 
    Time slips due today December 23rd!!
    Due to the holidays, all time slips are due in the Business office by today, December 23rd.
    Benefit's Customer Service Phone Numbers and Websites
    Attached is a listing of all district benefits customer service phone numbers, websites as well as group numbers for the health, dental and vision insurance.  Please print, and keep a copy of this for future information.  
    Employees with district health, dental or vision insurance:  Should you have any questions over the holiday break regarding your insurances, please contact the carrier directly.  If you do not have an immediate issue, I will assist you when I return on Tuesday.
    Central Offices Closed
    All administrative offices will be closed for the holidays:  12/26 through 1/2 

    ​he December issue of Live Well, Work Well - for December is attached.
     Friday Reminders For 12/16/2016 
    Central Offices Closed
    All administrative offices will be closed for the holidays:  12/26 through 1/2 .

    Classified Personnel

    Time slips due December 23rd
    Due to the holidays, all time slips are due in the Business office by Friday, December 23rd.
    ​Revision to the Classified Handbook​
    A revision to the handbook was made this week.  Classified employees should have received an e-mail from Safeschools asking them to visit the website to complete a training for the Revised Classified Employee Handbook 12-12-2016.  This is not necessarily a training, this is a policy that all classified employees are required to read and acknowledge through the Safe Schools. training portal.  Please be sure to follow the directions, and click through each screen to the end, and check that you have reviewed, and accept the terms.  No other action is required.
     Friday Reminders For 12/9/2016 
    Tax Deferred Annuities - 403(b)   - Notice 
    An important benefit to employees of public schools is the voluntary tax deferred annuity, under Section 403(b) of the Internal Revenue Code.  These plans provide for funds later in life, while taking advantage of tax savings today.  Changes have been made to catch-up provisions to allow additional contributions.  There are exceptions, and the IRS rules are complex, so consultation with the provider's representative is suggested.  Since the funds are for the employee, he/she may work with his/her representative and have them invested as appropriate.  ​(UASD does not contribute to 403(b) plans).  Please see the 2017 Universal Availability Notice and contact PenServ Plan Services Inc. at the number provider.  If you choose to enroll in a 403(b) plan, you must contact Lois Swope, Administrative Assistant for Business Affairs, to notify her that you have applied for a plan.  PenServ will contact Lois to notify when your contributions should begin.
    New Year Approaching
    As the new year approaches, take some time to be sure that all your information is up to date with the district, and the PA Department of Education (for teachers).   Contact me if you have any changes to your name, address, and phone number.
    Delays/Cancellation District Global Calls
    Since we are beginning the season of the dreaded four letter work "SNOW" , please be sure to contact me if you are not receiving delays/cancellation calls from the district global calling system. If you do not receive a global call on a day of bad weather, and you are unsure if there is a delay or cancellation, you should check the local radio or tv station to see if the district is listed for there. Please contact me with any changes to your phone number.  
    Tips for Managing Holiday Stress
    5 tips for surviving the holidays are attached.
    Friday Reminders For 12/3/2016 
    Reminder:  New Retiree Insurance Meeting
    Monday, December 5, 4:15 p.m. - 5:15 p.m.  in the BHS auditorium.  Please contact me if you have not already signed up to attend.
    Need help surviving the Holidays? - Check out this Holiday Stress Survival Tips!
    From Delta Dental​

    Let It Be a Season of Smiles

    This holiday season, don’t forget about your oral health! The winter holidays can be tough on your teeth. But with the right approach, you can stay on top of your dental health. Here are five tips to stay smiling this season:

    1. Stop dangerous habits. Do you know the top holiday no-nos? Find out how these common behaviors can hurt your teeth.

    2. Be smart about sweets. What would the holidays be without chocolates, cakes and candy? Get the story behind tooth decay so you can stop cavities before they start.

    3. Cook something new. Break out of the mold and try a new recipe. From dips and desserts to side dishes, Delta Dental’s recipe collection features delicious options that won’t worry your dentist.

    4. Take care of sensitive teeth. Chilly weather can intensify tooth pain. If you’re suffering from sensitive teeth, read up on what this condition means and what you can do about it.

    5. Add the SmileWay Challenge to your resolutions. Start the new year right by challenging yourself to learn more about dental health. With interactive quizzes, videos and more, the challenge is a fun and effective way to boost your oral wellness know-how.