• Friday Reminders For 10/28/2016 
    From the Business Office
    For Classified Staff:
    Absence Reporting in SAMS and Paper Time Slips
    Please remember to add all paid and unpaid time to your time slip and into the SAMS portal.  All absences include:
    Sick days
    Personal days
    Vacation days
    Unpaid leave days
    Conference, workshop and school business days
    Payroll time sheet records are required to have the correct days matching what is in the SAMS system.  If you have any questions, please contact Lois Swope in the business office.
    From Human Resources 
    All Staff with District Health Insurance

    ​Highmark Announcement - Replacement of ID Cards​
    ​Please read the attached announcement regarding a change to new members health insurance ID cards when received.
    This change will only occur if you become a new member, or if you make a change to your coverage, or name, that requires you to receive a new card.​
    Friday Reminders For 10/21/2016
    From Human Resources 
    HSA New Contribution Rates
    For employee who are enrolled in the Highmark HSA medical insurance:  The annual maximum contribution rates for 2017 are:
    Individual:  $3,400 (2016 $3,350)
    Family:        $6,750 (2016 $6,750)
    When determining a self contribution, remember to include the district contribution as well in your calculation.  The district contributes the following amounts to the HSA for employees:
    Individual:  $1,050
    Family:        $2,100
    ​If you want to change or begin self contributions to your HSA, please contact Lois Swope at ext. 2702 in the business office.​  An HSA contribution change form must be completed.
    Life Insurance Benefits
    Upper Adams School​
    ​ School District pays for life insurance benefits for all employees who work 16 or more per week.  Professional and Classified staff have different benefits for life insurance.  Information regarding your life insurance benefits, and benefit booklets can be found on the "For Staff" page of the district website.
    For Your Health 
    Two flyers are attached regarding health and wellness.  Check out the Pumpkin Pancake recipe! - Flyer OneFlyer Two
    Friday Reminders For 10/14/2016 
    From Human Resources 
    Important Health Insurance Information

    Highmark Blue Shield 2017 Preventive Schedule
    Are You Getting Your Preventive Care?

    It’s true what they say—an ounce of prevention is certainly worth a pound of cure! That’s because preventive care services can help you establish a healthy lifestyle and may help you avoid a more serious illness in the future.

    No matter what your age or gender, at every stage of life there are certain recommended preventive care services you should receive. Periodic physical examinations, vaccines, and a full scope of diagnostic testing such as cholesterol screenings, gynecological exams and mammograms are all keys to maintaining good health.

    Attached is the 2017 Preventive Schedule for employees on the district health insurance plans. The Preventive Schedule applies to the PPO Blue plan as well as the HSA (Health Savings Account) plan. Services from providers that fall under the Preventive Schedule are paid by Highmark at 100% and do not apply to your deductible.  Diabetes and cholesterol screenings, mammograms, colonoscopies, and flu vaccinations are examples of just a few of the preventative services available to you at no cost from Highmark.  (Note:  Several revisions were made to the 2017 schedule after it was published.  The revisions to the schedule areattached).
    Wrap Plan Document and Summary Plan Description - Click Here
    This plan document provided to all Highmark and Delta Dental members in the UASD health and dental insurance.  The document discusses eligiblity, benefits, open enrollment, important disclosures, COBRA and additional information.  More detailed information can be found for your plan by logging into your Highmark Account on the Highmark Blue Shield web page.  When logging into your account, choose the Coverage tab at the top and click on Medical Benefits, then click Benefit Booklet.
    For additional information regarding your medical insurance benefits visit the Highmark Blue Shield website at:  https://www.highmarkblueshield.com/home/.

    Don't forget to get your flu shot (see attached flyer)
    All Rite Aid pharmacies who are administering flu shots will accept Highmark Blue Shield insurance.  No appointment is necessary, but please check the hours of operation for each store.  
    If you have other health insurance please contact your carrier for coverage and provider listings.

    PSERS (Pennsylvania School Employee Retirement System Announcement

    Public School Employees’ Retirement System (PSERS) will hold a Foundations for Your Future (FFYF) seminar at the Chambersburg Area Middle School auditorium, 1151 East McKinley Street, Chambersburg on October 17, 2016 promptly at4:30 PM.  These FFYF seminars provide active members with information about PSERS benefits and services.  A PSERS Retirement Counselor will cover topics such as benefit options, withdrawal of contributions, rollovers, taxes, and legislative actions affecting PSERS.  PSERS recommends that all active members attend an FFYF seminar, particularly those planning to retire within the year.

    Advance registration is not required to attend any of these seminars. Please contact the Southcentral Regional Office at 717.720.6335 if you require an accommodation in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to participate.

    Friday Reminders For 10/07/2016
    From Human Resources 
    Safeschools Trainings 
    If you did not complete the trainings that were to be completed by September 30, the expiration date has been moved up to October 14.  You can still complete the trainings, but it will show that they were completed after the deadline of September 30.  
    Please be sure to complete the trainings by October 14. Most of these are revised policies to review, and you only need to acknowledge by opening it that you have been informed.
    Flu Shots
    The district will no longer be providing flu shots to employees and their families.  If you have district health insurance through Highmark, the preventative health care schedule allows for an annual flu shot paid at 100%.  This includes anyone with a health savings account (HSA) if you go to a network provider (contact Highmark for clinics that accept coverage).  
    All Rite Aid pharmacies will accept Highmark Blue Shield insurance.  No appointment is necessary, but please check the hours of operation for each store.  
    If you have other health insurance please contact your carrier for coverage and provider listings.
    Budgeting, and staff time are two reasons that the flu clinic will no longer be offered.  In the past the district only paid for the cost of the vaccine.  In the last few years, the district has had to coordinate, and pay for an outside entity to come to the district to administer the vaccine.  There are now many places where employees can get the vaccine on their own time, and at their convenience, and still have it paid for by their insurance.  We hope that you understand, and that this will be more convenient for you moving forward.  
    *After reading a printed version of my e-mail I though I should clarify that anyone who has the district insurance, HSA or the traditional PPO Blue plan, are covered 100% for the flu shot at a participating provider as well as Rite Aid pharmacy.
    Highmark Blue Shield Website
    To use your district health insurance to its complete potential, I would encourage you to register on the Highmark Blue Shield website.  Once you register, you will be able to:
    • View the type of coverage you have
    • Click on review claims:  You can see how much of your deductible and out of pocket expenses have been met.
    • You can view claims and presciptions
    • Find Providers
    • Do a live chat with a Highmark representative
    • Do It Yourself health ideas
    I have visited the website several times as a member and is very easy to navigate.   If you have any questions regarding your health insurance coverage, this is the place to go:  https://www.highmarkblueshield.com/home/