• Friday Reminders For 09/30/2016 
    From the Director if Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment
    Professional Development Sign-Up Reminder For Monday, October 10, 2016
    As a reminder, please make sure you choose your two workshops and sign-up for the "Unconference" for the morning of Monday, October 10, 2016.  Please use the ACT 48 Website at https://act48.iu12.org/ for registration.  The deadline for registration is Monday, October 3, 3016.  Registrations after this date will not receive ACT 48 Credit.
    From Human Resources 
    Required Government Notices
    Employers are required to provide certain government notices annually in regards to health care. All notices are posted on the staff web page under UASD Benefits for your benefit. 
    For all employees:
    • Marketplace Notice
    • Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIPRA)
    • Special Enrollment Notice
    For employees enrolled in district health insurance:
    • Medicare Part D Coverage Letter and Attestation
    • Women's Health & Cancer Rights Act (WHCRA) Notice 
    • HIPAA Notice of Privacy 
    • COBRA Initial Notice
    Additional required notices are posted on a bulletin board in the faculty room of each building and in the central office copy room.
    From The Business Office  
    Name, Address, Phone Number Changes
    If you have had any of these changes, you must communicate them to me, and forms must be completed before the change will occur in payroll (except for phone number changes).
    Phone number changes - To change your phone number for receiving school cancellations, delays, etc. you must send me the phone number you would like to use, and I will make the change.
    403b, 1st Credit Union and HSA Deductions
    When making changes to your deductions please contact Lois Swope at extension 2702.  
    Today is pay day.  Don't forget to access your pay stub at: 
    Friday Reminders For 09/16/2016
    From The Business Office 

    Remember - Today is the first pay day that you will not receive a paper pay stub. If you would like a paper pay stub you must print it from the Employee Portal using the instructions you received in your last pay stub.  For instructions please see the Employee Web Portal Tab on the left.  
    Voluntary Payroll Deduction Form
    Due to some confusion over the use of the form, we are removing the form from the district website and asking that employees discontinue using it for payroll deduction changes.
    To make changes/or add  deductions for the following:
    HSA (Health Savings Account):  Request a Change HSA Deduction form from Tina Fair or print one from the "For Staff" page on the district website.
    403b plans:  You must make your request through Pennserv and notify/communicate with your vendor regarding the change.  Also, please remember to notify payroll of the change you are making. 
    1st Members Credit Union:  You must make your change request through 1st Members.  1st Members is responsible for notifying district payroll of the deduction change.  Also, please remember to notify payroll of the change you are making. 
    Employee's Responsibility:   It is ​the employee's responsibility to notify the vendors and/or payroll of all changes to their deductions.  
    From Human Resources 
    Source4Teachers Hiring Event
    A hiring event for substitute teachers will be held on September 19, from 5:30 to 7:30 in the MS/HS cafeteria.  If you know anyone who would like to substitute for the district please share the attached flyer with them.  S4T will also be taking applications on behalf of the district for classified substitutes as well.
    For Your Health
    Highmark has provided some tips on inexpensive ways to get and stay healthy (see the attached flyer).
    ​Are you wondering how to promote your great idea with your employer, or how to involve kids in healthy lunches?  Do you need some tips to help you get through your work day?  If so then catch the latest issue of Work, Life, Excel from Wellspan EAP.  (see attached)​
    Grins-for-kids - Have some dental health fun with your kids at home, or in the classroom with Grins-for-kids (see attached) from Delta Dental.
     Friday Reminders For 09/09/2016
    From Human Resources
    Source4Teachers Hiring Event
    Please share the attached flyer with anyone who you think may be interested in substituting for the district.  We are also in need of nurse substitutes and instructional assistant substitutes. District applications for employment for classified positions will also be available at the hiring event.

    ​Let Your Health Insurance Company Do the Work For You
    If you have the district health insurance through Highmark Blue Shield, there are several services available to you, to assist you in your healthcare needs.
    Blues on Call (see attached flyer), is available for those after hours questions that may arise due to an unscheduled medical need or emergency.  
    MyCareNavigator (see attached flyer) is there to assist members with needs and questions regarding: choosing providers, understanding your prescription coverage, etc.  
    Please take time to view the attached flyers, which includes the phone number for each service.  
    From The Business Office

    Payroll Deduction Changes and Additions to Outside Accounts
    All payroll deduction changes will now require a form to be completed by employees who want to begin or change payroll deductions to outside accounts (i.e. HSA deductions, 403B deductions). Please send the completed form to Lois Swope in the business office prior to the date the new deduction amount is effective.  The new form will be available soon.
    Pay Stubs
    All employees should have received the instructions in the last pay stub on September 2, for logging onto the Employee Portal.  Pay stubs will no longer be sent to employees, beginning with the next pay day on September 16.  Pay stubs should be available for viewing on the portal each pay day.  A payroll calendar is attached, which includes pay period, and pay dates for your convenience.  The link to the portal is below:
    Friday Reminders For 09/02/2016
    Salary Notifications
    Salary Notifications are due back to me by September 9.  Please be sure to include emergency contact information on your form.  
    Source4Teachers Hiring Event
    A hiring event will be held on September 19 in the MS/HS cafeteria from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm, for people who are interested in substituting for districts in the area including Upper Adams.  More information will be sent soon, but please feel free to share this information with anyone who may be interested.
    SAMS - Absence Reporting 
    When entering absences in SAMS, please be sure that you are entering your absences correctly.   Also, if you only need a substitute for 1/2 of a day, be sure to indicate this when you do the absence request.  The substitute who picks up the day for you, intends to be here for an entire day if that is what you request.  So please be sure to request the appropriate amount of time for a substitute.
    Flu Shots and Multiphasic Screenings
    Multiphasic screenings will not be offered for this school year to employees.  We are currently investigating a Wellness Initiative, more information will be shared in the near future.
    Flu shots will also be handled differently this year than in the past.  We are currently investigating the options available for employees and will inform you when a decision has been made.