• Day 2 (Wednesday 8/15/18) 
    Ok. so how was it?  Not too bad, I hope!  This morning I pretended I was running a 5K, and I did pretty well.  I know when the actual event happens, I will have all sorts of "real" feelings that I didn't on my practice run...nerves, different surroundings, and interact with different people that I do not during my usual runs. There will be many, many people (more prepared than me), and I may need to take a few "breaks" throughout the event to catch my breath...literally!
    This is so similar to the first few days of school, and it can be tough! To take some pressure off of the first few days back, I would recommend making sure your "comfort" zone is what it needs to be so that you are comfortable to enjoy everything we have planned for you.
    Let's take a walk through your wardrobe, and make sure you have school appropriate clothing ready to go, and that it still fits!  This may seem super silly, but trust me...
    My son grew 1 1/2 inches over the summer and also gained a shoe size.  We went through his dresser today and made sure he had a week's worth of school clothes so that we weren't panicking when it actually came to the actual start of school. As long as you have what you need to get through the first week, you are off to a great start.  So...ready...set..go!  Dig into your clothing and make sure everything still works for school.  If it doesn't, move it into a bag and either donate it or hand it down to a younger sibling or friend.
    p.s. When you are choosing the first week's clothing, remember that Bendersville is not air conditioned, so it can get pretty warm during the day.  Also, take a little time to review the school dress code so that everyone in the room can be comfortable. Check in on Thursday for another warm-up exercise!