Spelling Practice & Study Tips

  • Spelling Routine-Our spelling cycle will run from Monday to Friday.

    Dear Parents/Caregivers, 

    We will begin our spelling homework routine this week.  Our routine will usually run from Monday through Friday.  To begin, a pre-test will be given. Based on that performance, your child will be assigned the appropriate spelling list—On-Level or Beyond Level. We will do various practice activities in class throughout the week. I ask that students practice their words at home by completing a few basic assignments.   Every week’s list will have 20 new words to practice and study.

     Assignment 1: Word Sort-Monday

    Students will sort (organize) the words into groups based on a given spelling pattern. This sheet is on the back of this menu.

     Assignment 2: Copy-Cover-Check-Tuesday

    Students will copy the spelling words, then cover them and try to spell each from memory. They will check their work—If correct, they mark a ✓. If incorrect, they write it correctly.

     Assignment 3: Practice Test -Wednesday

    Students will ask someone to quiz them. The students should check their own practice tests. Missed words should be practiced by writing them 3 times each.

     Assignment 4: Study for the test-Thursday

    I recommend doing 1 assignment each night so that the practice and review is gradual.

     Please contact me if you have questions and/or concerns.


    Mr. Gomez

    Unit 2-Week 2 Digraphs Spelling List

    Unit 2-Week 2 Digraph Modified Spelling List