Spelling Practice & Study Tips

  • Spelling Routine-Our spelling cycle will run from Monday to Friday.

    For this week’s spelling homework assignments, the students only have to do three assignments from the menu. They can choose whatever assignment they want to do. However, they need to have a caregiver initial the work, or bring in evidence that they completed the assignment.

    Words in ABC Order2X

    Write your spelling words in alphabetical order two times. Use your best handwriting.


    Have an adult at home give you a Spelling Pre-test. Make sure you have the adult correct it and sign their name on the test! Write any word you got wrong 3 times each

    Scramble Words

    Have someone at home scramble your spelling words. Then, unscramble the words.


    ttomipran  -  important   

    Step-by-Step Words

    Write your words by adding one letter at a time.







    Rainbow Words

    Do rainbow words using at least five colors. Write the word in one color, and then trace over it 4 more times using 4 different colors.

    Funny Words

    Draw a comic strip using your words in the conversation bubbles or narration. Underline them in the comic.


      Please contact me if you have questions and/or concerns.


    Mr. Gomez


    Unit 3-Week 2 Spelling List 

    Unit 3-Week 2 Spelling List-Modified List