Wonders Books

Language Arts--Reading and Writing Instruction

  • "Wonders"

    At Arendtsville Elementary we use the "Wonders" reading program by McGraw-Hill.  I am excited to be using this program for the third year! This reading program serves as the basis for a comprehensive reading instruction which includes vocabulary and writing instruction.  The program is designed to meet the diverse academic needs of our student population through the differentiation of the content being taught.  The program offers an online component where students have access to all the texts read in class, interactive vocabulary and grammar review games, and the two main textbooks used in class:The Literature Anthology and the Reading/Writing Workshop.

    Concepts Taught in the Wonders Program

    • —Comprehension Skills and Strategies
    • —Author’s Purpose
    • —Genres-Fiction and Nonfiction
    • —Connecting Texts
    • —Text Features and Structures
    • Graphic Features
    • Vocabulary Strategies
    • Text Dependent-Analysis

    Genre Writing

    • The Writing Process
    • Narrative Text-Friendly Letter, Personal Narrative, and Fictional Narrative
    • Informational Text-Explanatory Essay, and Research Report
    • Opinion Writing-Opinion Essay and Book Review


    • Grammar
    • Spelling
    • Building Vocabulary Knowledge