• December/January Newsletter Blog Part 2

    December/January Newsletter Blog Part 2

    The second half of the year kicks off with the students finishing explanatory essays; learning about rounding, estimating, factors, and multiples; exploring facts about Pennsylvania; reading folktales; and learning about food chains. Upcoming events for this part of the year include field trips to the State Capitol, Color Day, and behavior reward celebrations.

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  • December/ January Newsletter Blog-Part 1

    December/ January Newsletter Blog-Part 1

    Welcome Back and Happy 2018!
    As we move forward with the school year, I would like to congratulate our students on all of their hard work in the classroom. Also, I want to encourage you to continue supporting your student as he or she looks forward to completing the second half of the school year. Keep up the good work and stay focused on skills taught and new lessons yet to learn. I look forward to helping everyone succeed. Thank you for all of your contributions and support during our holiday festivities prior to break.

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  • October-November Blog

    October-November Blog

    Our class has been very busy with many classroom projects. The lessons taught and projects completed so far this year have involved the use of technology to supplement main lessons with study platforms that provide interactive review games and in-class collaboration.

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  • September 2017 Newsletter blog

    September 2017 Newsletter blog

    Welcome to our class’s monthly Newsletter blog

    September is quickly coming to an end. The first day of school is quietly fading into the past. But, here in our classroom, those lessons learned in September have been the cornerstone for establishing classroom routines, exploring new lessons and concepts in math, reading, spelling, science, and social studies that will carry through the entire year, building on solid homework and study habits that will offer opportunities for your child to succeed.

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  • Welcome to 4th grade--Let's get started!

    Welcome to 4th grade--Let's get started!

    Let's begin the year with a few classroom expectations and policies. This is where you can learn more about take home folders, agendas, homework policies, behavior plans, birthday parties, and most importantly how to succeed in 4th grade. Make it a good year!

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