• “Pencils at the ready!”

    “Pencils at the ready!”

    Students are encouraged to keep their “Pencils at the ready!” You never know when a good idea will pop up for the perfect writing assignment, especially when you are learning about the significance of 5 different writing genres.

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  • February Newsletter Blog 2-Cultural Arts Day-The Complete Story

    February Newsletter Blog 2-Cultural Arts Day-The Complete Story

    On February 14th, our Fine Arts team took students on an incredible journey to China, Japan, Indonesia, India, and Pakistan as part of Cultural Arts Day. From learning how to play handmade Taiko drums to sampling such foods as Chinese Rice and Pumpkin Mochi, to learning how to dance traditional Asian dances. Read on to find out more about this amazing experience.

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  • February Newsletter Blog

    February Newsletter Blog

    From exploring other cultures to mastering core subjects, February was a month of new discoveries and growth. Click here to read about our February accomplishments.

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  • December/January Newsletter Blog Part 2

    December/January Newsletter Blog Part 2

    The second half of the year kicks off with the students finishing explanatory essays; learning about rounding, estimating, factors, and multiples; exploring facts about Pennsylvania; reading folktales; and learning about food chains. Upcoming events for this part of the year include field trips to the State Capitol, Color Day, and behavior reward celebrations.

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  • December/ January Newsletter Blog-Part 1

    December/ January Newsletter Blog-Part 1

    Welcome Back and Happy 2018!
    As we move forward with the school year, I would like to congratulate our students on all of their hard work in the classroom. Also, I want to encourage you to continue supporting your student as he or she looks forward to completing the second half of the school year. Keep up the good work and stay focused on skills taught and new lessons yet to learn. I look forward to helping everyone succeed. Thank you for all of your contributions and support during our holiday festivities prior to break.

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