• Friday Reminders For 01/29/2016 
    Safe Schools Training
    Don't forget to complete all trainings and forms requested from the SafeSchools Training system. If you have not completed a training you will receive an e-mail from SafeSchools with a list of trainings or policies that have not been completed.  A policy will either be an actual policy that was revised or it will be a form that you must read, sign and return to me.  
    Trainings that are rather lengthy will be divided into sessions.  
    Things to Remember:
    • You must complete the entire session.  
    • If you close in the middle of a session, you must start from the beginning of the session the next time you open it.  Otherwise you may complete a session and come back later to complete the other sessions.  
    • If you click outside of the training session while you are taking it, you may freeze your screen and will not be able to return to where you left off.  You will have to begin the session over again.
    All current trainings are mandatory and must be completed by the deadline.  Below is a link to a list of the trainings that are required for 2015-2016, the deadline dates, and who should be completing each training.  If you have not received an e-mail from SafeSchools regarding the trainings and know that you have not completed any of them please contact your supervisor or me.

    Be Prepared For the Ice and Snow In the Parking Areas
    The temperatures have fallen, as well as snow.  The maintenance workers and custodians have done a wonderful job clearing the parking areas and sidewalks.  Even though the areas have been cleared, there is still quite a bit of snow that will be melting throughout the day and freezing at night, so please be mindful of possible icy patches in those areas.   Please be sure to report any slips or falls to your supervisor immediately
    Below are some tips on protecting yourself from slipping on ice and snow:
    ​Wearing ​r
    ubber soled shoes
    ​ ​
    or boots are less likely to slip on icy surfaces than
    ​ ​
    leather soled shoes or
    high heels.
    Worn out soles increase the hazard of slips. 
    Wear footwear with
    ​ ​
    maximum traction.
    Carry your dress shoes; wear your boots! Think safety BEFORE fashion.
    Watch your footing when getting out of your vehicle. Walk slowly and
    ​ ​
    Consider storing rock salt or cat litter inside your car in case you need to
    ​ ​
    sprinkle an icy area to 
    increase traction as you walk towards a dry area.
    Consider purchasing and wearing “ice cleats” to put over your footwear.
    ​ ​
    This light weight, slip-on 
    accessory is worn on the bottom of your shoes /boots to enhance traction in the snow and ice..... Or 
    wear a cotton sock
    ​ ​
    over your shoes to safely walk over
    ​ ​
    icy surface.
    Ple​ase report icy areas to your supervisor so that it can be properly taken care to 
    prevent others from slipping.
    !!!! For Classified Staff !!!! 1/25/16, 1/26/16
    The district was closed today for students due to the weekend snow storm, that being said, hourly year round employees, may come to work today if they are able to do so safely.  The parking lots at each building have been cleared and district offices are OPEN.
    Please read the memo that was sent to all classified employees in September, regarding work schedules during inclement weather.  You must notify your supervisor if you choose to make up your time today rather than using leave time if you are not coming to work.  Please note that if you choose to make up your time off, rather than using leave time, you must make up the hours by 11:59pm Saturday 1/27/16, as that will be the last day for this pay week.  
    To view the memo please click Here 
    Friday Reminders For 01/08/2016 
    Paychecks for January 8, 2016
    January 8, 2016 pay date may reflect a difference in net pay for employees as the new federal tax tables were applied with the first pay.
    Please review your stub carefully and contact Lois Swope with questions.
    2015 Tax Returns and 1095 Reporting For ACA 
    Previously we communicated in the December 24 pay stub, that employees would be receiving an informational statement concerning their health coverage that will need to be reported on their 2015 tax return.   On December 28, 2015, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) advised employers and other plan sponsors that it was extending the due dates for sending these statements.
    What does this mean for you?  
    Due to the extension, employees may not receive the statement in time for filing their tax return (i.e., after the April 15th tax filing deadline). The IRS has indicated that anyone not receiving a statement before filing his/her tax return will not have to file an amended tax return. However, employees are encouraged to retain the statement with his/her tax records for any future reference.
    If you have any further questions, please contact Belinda Wallen at extension 2704.
    The information that was included in the December 28 pay stub is below.
    NEW For 2016!Staff Webpage
    The district office is currently developing a staff webpage on the UASD website.  The web page will become the central location for employees to receive information that is pertinent to their employment with the district.  Reminders, as well as links to employee forms, quick links to websites including Act 48, background clearances, Benergy (insurance information website), PSERS, etc. will be available to all staff on the web page.
    There will be a special section that will include new and important information from the district offices that will be an addition to the Friday Reminders.  Friday reminders will only include a brief description or title of the new information, and staff will be directed to visit the Staff web page for more information (if deemed necessary, more descriptive information may be included in the Friday reminder e-mail).
    Some time ago, you were given a username and password to access the district website.  If you do not have, or do not remember what your username and password is, please  e-mail the district web master at webmaster@upperadams.org to request the information, or set up a username and password.
    At this time the website is still in construction, but please feel free to visit the page and give me your feedback or ideas, for additional information that you would like to see included on the page in regards to employment and staff information.
    Background Clearances 
    If you were not required to update your clearances in 2015, please check the Background Clearances calendar at the link below to see when your clearances will expire.  The instructions on how to obtain your clearances and the links to the clearance information including the schedule for the fingerprinting scanner, can now be found on the Staff link of the UASD web page.  You must use your username and password to access the page (see above information in red) .