• Math 7 - Mod 3 (7th Grade)
    Homework assignments will basically consist of two different types.  
    The first, Weekly Home Practices, will normally be assigned whenever there is a full 5-day week of school.  The assignment is handed out on Monday and then is due on Friday of the same week.  Students will be given opportunities each day in class to ask questions about problems that may be giving them difficulty.  Students may also have their work pre-checked by Mr. Smith or Miss Shive before the assignment is due for correctness.  This allows the students an opportunity to change/fix their work to improve their grade once the assignment is graded.
    The second type will be daily assignments.  These assignments are generally given each day during class.  Normally time is given in class to get the assignment started and possibly completed.  This way, the students will have an opportunity to ask the teacher questions if they are struggling with the homework assignment.  The student's effort on the assignment is checked at the beginning of the next class period.  The daily assignment is graded more for effort than for correctness.
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