• Credit Attendance Guidelines

    The Administration and Faculty at Biglerville High School are committed to the following:

    1. Providing a structure where students can gain the maximum benefits of education and increasing academic success;
    2. Providing an intervention process to assist students and their families in improving attendance;
    3. Fostering good attendance habits;
    4. Preparing students for life after BHS by encouraging responsibility; and
    5. Promoting the safety of our students throughout the school day.


    Attendance and Credits

    A students final grade in class may be based on participation, homework, quizzes, exams, etc. Due to the importance of class participation, students must meet a minimum standard of attendance in order to be eligible for course credit.

    A student will not earn course credit where he or she has:

    1. 18 or more cumulative absences for a full year course;
    2. 9 or more cumulative absences for a half year course; and
    3. 6 or more cumulative absences for a quarter course.

    Cumulative absences are those that disqualify a student from earning course credit.

    Non-Cumulative absences that do not impact the earning of course credit.

    Cumulative absences

    The following absences will impact a student’s ability to earn course credit:

    • Illness covered by a parent/guardian note or contact.
    • Absence from class due to missing the bus or lack of transportation.
    • Family vacation that has not been pre- approved.
    • Activities not related to school that take place while school is in session.
    • Truancy/cutting class.
    • Late to school or class- 3 unexcused lates to class= 1 class absence.


    Non-Cumulative Absences

    The following absences will not impact the earning of course credit:

    • Pre-Approved absences.
    • Doctor’s Excuse or other professional excuse.
    • Death in the family.
    • Religious Holiday as designated by the PA Department of Education.
    • College Visits.
    • School trips or school-sponsored activities


    Notification Procedures

    Full Year Course:

    1. After 6 cumulative absences, a letter will be sent to parents/guardians.
    2. After 12 cumulative absences, a conference will be held with parents/guardian, teacher(s), dean of students, and guidance counselor in order to develop an “action plan.”
    3. After 15 cumulative absences a certified letter will be sent to parents/guardians.
    4. Once a student reaches 18 cumulative absences, a letter will be sent home stating that the student will not be eligible to receive credit for the course(s).
    5. Parents may schedule an appeal hearing through the High School Principal.  

    Semester Course:

    • After 6 cumulative absences, a letter will be sent explaining the implications of additional absences. At this time, the student will be notified that 3 additional cumulative absences during the semester will result in the loss of credit for half-year courses.


    Appeal Procedure

    It is possible that in the calculation and identification of excessive absences resulting in credit denial, an error could be made or extenuating circumstances would need to be considered.  

    It is the responsibility of the parent to schedule this hearing which will include the teacher(s), principal, dean of students, and guidance counselor