• What is the Student Assistance Program?
    Student Assistance Programs (SAP) in Pennsylvania help schools identify students who are experiencing behavior and/or academic difficulties which pose a barrier to their learning and success in school. SAP offers support to those students and their families.
    Barriers to Learning:
    Some of the learning barriers students may experience include:
    - the use of, or pressure to use, alcohol, tobacco or other drugs
    - depression or anxiety
    - relationship problems
    - emotional disorders
    - aggression toward or from others
    - grief, due to separation or death
    - disruptive live changes
    - violence or safety concerns
    Referring a Student:
    If you feel your student may be demonstrating any of these characteristics, and would like to discuss a student assistance referral, please contact the high school guidance office. Referrals may come from families or students can request services with parent permission.