Current Tasks for the Graduation Project

About the Graduation Project

  • What is in the Graduation Project? 
    The Graduation Project encompasses all aspects of the future while still being tailored to each individual student. The first task students have is to complete a weeklong seminar on Career Cruising where they will choose three careers to be their primary focus for the rest of the project. Once the students have completed researching these careers, the project breaks into three branches: Career, Military Service, and Education. Their own interests will determine which path they choose to take. Each path requires certain tasks to be completed in order to receive a stamp in their Graduation Project Passport. The subsequent sections have students completing resumes, cover letters, as well as a personal reflection of their journey. The final piece of the puzzle is a 10-minute presentation about their one career, the necessary schooling, and what their plan is. Each student must present in front of their class and a faculty panel and receive approval from the panel to pass.  

    The Goal 

    While we are fully aware that the career or school choices may change, the primary aim of this graduation project is not for the students to finalize their future plans, but to give them the resources necessary to be able to create their own future. With travel check points along the way, we help to guide them along the right path so that when they enter their senior year, most of them have an idea of what they want to study, or where they want to study. This further emphasizes how the culture in BHS has become that of “Where are you going to college?” and not “Are you going to college?”


Graduation Project Packet

  • Take a look at this year's Graduation Project Packet. Or if you lost yours, download a new copy here! This packet will be your guide to help you through your project. Please do not hesitate to ask any of us involved with the project if you have any questions!